As you walk throughout your house, your rooms should flow seamlessly together so their decorative feel works in perfect harmony. This synthesis between each space can come from a variety of techniques that implement color, style and design. Here are a few tips to making each room flow.

Color coexistence

One of the most notable characteristics of a room is the color. While the hue or tone is up to you, HGTV notes that the similarity of color from one room to the next will be conducive to the flow. For simplicity, you can make each room the same color, and to add some flair, put up a wallpaper border. If you do choose to go with different colors, it's a good idea to pick tones that will match. Go with something light or subtle so there isn't a jarring effect. For example, a light pink will work beautifully with a sky blue or a peach.


Having similar decorations will also help establish a synthesis between rooms. If you're a fan of pop art, perhaps you have paintings of Andy Warhol's ilk in each of your rooms. They don't have to match or have the same color scheme, but their look and feel may be similar. This aesthetic could apply to anything, from ornamental figurines on your tables to bamboo shades on your windows.


The furniture in each room should also serve to complement each other for a synthesized flow. Of course, you don't have to go furniture shopping for each room in your house, but every time you choose to replace something you may want to keep your other pieces in mind. Maybe you enjoy varnished woodwork with ornate patterns or the minimalist post-modern design made popular by IKEA - whatever you choose, it's wise to stick with it.