Tips and tricks for apartment window treatments

Designing the windows for your apartment is not a piece of cake. You may live in your apartment for a short while or a long time, and an affordable option that is easy to install is essential. While designing the windows, there are several things to be considered and streamlining the options can be a challenging task. Below we discuss a few tips which to guide you in deciding the window treatments which you may choose to be a part of your home!  

Roman shades:

Roman shades go best with the windows that are NOT floor-to-ceiling but smaller in size. Roman shades are known to add a little bit of drama because while they can be flat or ribbed when they fall, they can add texture and dimension when raised along with a burst of color Roman shades are the best fit for windows which you don’t want to completely block and allow some light to pass through. Because they are just a small part of your room, you can use chic patterns to make your room look modern as well as vibrant. If your windows have beautiful window trims, you should order your shades as ‘inside mount’ allowing you to display your window trim molding.

Cellular shades:

Cellular shades also known as honeycomb shades due to its pattern. This is the premier option if you seek energy efficiency as well as light filtration. There are more than one type of cellular formation with the choice of single or double cells which help in reducing the loss of heat in winters and gains of heat in summer. Another popular option is Top Down Bottom Up, terrific for a room where you want the light to come in, but still want a degree of privacy. From light filtering to blackout, cellular shades will always be a treat for your windows and availability in a mulitude of colors to add a wow factor to your space.

Curtains and drapes:

There are almost an unlimited number of fabric options to choose from – if it is a fabric someone can make it into a curtain or drape! For spaces like the living room, floor-to-ceiling curtains give an elegant look. You can always choose your curtains to let the light through, creating a refreshing ambiance. For color schemes, you may choose to add a color that matches the color in your room or adds a burst of color that is unique. For drapes, heavier fabric like velvet, canvas or muslin can add a warmth and depth to your space. If you want to go for printed drapes in a lighter or thinner fabric, adding blackout liners will allow you to control the transparency or lack thereof. Reminder: many windows have both shades and curtains that augment each other.


The perfect combination of colors and patterns, fabrics and materials for your window treatments has the power to add character and elegance to your apartment space. The tips mentioned above will help you in selecting treatments for your windows. But before anything, consider your preferences, requirements, budget, location of the window and then give us a call if you have questions or want advice!