It's no secret that the UV rays from the sun are damaging - not just to your skin, but to your window treatments! While wood blinds or cellular shades are meant to offer your home's interiors protection, there are a few steps you should take to return the favor. Constant light could fade your window coverings.

1. Treat your windows with a protective coating. Solar tinting film is easy to apply and it can reduce the amount of UV rays that are penetrating your windows. If you're concerned that the brightness of the room will be impacted, rest assured - there are clear films available.

2. Consider awnings or roof overhangs. If you don't have these on your house already, it might be worthwhile to have them installed on your home's exterior. Not only will they limit the amount of sun damage that your window treatments receive, but they'll help reduce glare.

3. Plant a tree. Lush greenery planted in front of a window can act as a barrier that will cut down on the amount of sunlight shining through. As a bonus, you'll also have an attractive addition to your garden or yard!