When it comes to natural beauty, there's nothing like having the ability to easily allow sunlight into a living space through wood blinds and shades. However, you'll likely want to spruce up your windows with curtains and drapes as well. These discount window treatments can add a sense of elegance into any area.

But how do you properly clean them? While you might not think to give your curtains and drapes a good washing on a routine basis, failing to do so can cause a world of problems in your household. Soiled curtains can increase the risk of allergy complications and even make it more difficult for the sun to shine into a space. Here are some tips for cleaning your curtains and revitalizing your windows.

1. Know the material.
The material used to create the curtains will influence how you clean them. Be sure to read any labels attached to the window treatments for specific cleaning instructions. For example, certain satin materials may not be able to be thrown into your washer.

2. Consider handwashing.
If you aren't sure how you're going to clean your curtains and there aren't any instructions on the window treatments themselves, play it safe and handwash them. Remember to use cold water to keep colors from bleeding into each other just as you would with clothes.

3. Clean your curtains routinely.
To reduce how often you need to intensely dry your curtains, give them a dusting or a vacuuming at least once a week. This can keep debris from developing over time and make it easier to wash them once the time comes.

Whether you're a pro at cleaning drapes or you've never done it before, these three tips can help you fine-tune your technique.