If you've always wanted an entertainment room to watch movies and the big game every Sunday, there's no better time to start planning one than now. Whether you intend to use your den or a family room that could serve another purpose, here are a few tips on how to transform your space into an entertainment hub.

1. Find the right window treatments.

When you're in the room and ready to watch a movie, you're going to want it to be dark and cozy, reminiscent of a movie theater. To achieve this, you'll need to find the right window treatments for the space. Consider wood blinds to keep out the sunlight when you don't want it and make the room feel more like an entertainment center.

Not into the idea of wood? Cordless shades are another option that can block out sunlight completely (lacking the holes typically found in cord shades) and can be easily opened when necessary. Take the time to look through your options before making a final decision.

2. Bring in comfortable seating.

If you truly want to transform your extra room into a space that people look forward to using on a regular basis, you'll want to find the perfect seating for your family and guests. Home theater chairs are the obvious choice, but if they're too pricy for you, consider sofa sets to cater to your comfort needs. Shop around and try out the furniture before you buy it - after all, you'll likely be sitting in it for an extended period of time.

3. Keep it organized.

The Live Well Network suggests keeping your electronics and furnishings organized if you want to make the space functional as well as comfortable. There will likely be numerous wires around the room as you hook up everything from your DVD player to your television. Keeping them wrapped up and tucked away can ensure no one trips and that your space always looks clean.

There are several cabinet options available to you as well for storing your home theater items and your television. Whether you want to make your television the focal point of the room or blend it with the interior design of the space, the cabinet choices are endless. By taking advantage of these tips, you can create an entertainment room that's fun as well as practical.