Sometimes, a man just wants an area where he can kick back, relax and get away from it all. In this day and age, the room in a home where guys can unwind is often called a man cave. It might seem like a silly concept, but as any guy will tell you, it's a huge advantage to have a living space that he can call his own.

A certain level of comfort needs to be in place in order to make a man cave functional, and the right discount window treatments, seating and accent furnishings can set the scene. Your husband might not be into the idea of focusing on the interior design aspect of his man cave, but there are a couple of simple touches you can add without putting a damper on his personal space.

1. Envision the man cave of your dreams.
Before you begin renovating and buying furnishings for the man cave, take a few moments to step back and envision the room as you would like it to be. Jot down any initial ideas you have for the space that could be included to make it as practical and comfortable as it can be.

2. Allow natural light to warm up the space.
The window treatments you choose for the man cave can instantly transform the room from drab to fab, and your husband won't have to spend hours picking out decor. Consider wood blinds or opaque drapes to create a warm, cozy feeling in the room that will make him want to use the space frequently. Natural light can also make the area seem larger than it really is.

3. Create a theme.
Woman's Day Magazine states that you can make the design process easier for both you and your spouse by settling on a theme to use throughout the man cave. Whether your loved one enjoys old cowboy movies or football, use his interests to come up with an interior decor theme that can be incorporated throughout the space. This will give you guidance when it comes to selecting everything from couches to throw pillows.

It can be difficult to encourage your spouse to think about the interior design aspect of any room, especially his man cave. However, these tips can make it easier for the both of you to spruce up the living space and transform it into the den of his dreams.