There's nothing quite like having a sunroom or an enclosed porch where you can enjoy the weather without actually being outdoors and exposed to the elements. However, this room can be tricky to decorate if you've never designed a space with a large number of windows before. Don't be discouraged if you aren't an experienced designer - here are some tips you can use to dress up your sunroom with the perfect discount window treatments, accent pieces and furniture.

1. Welcome in sunlight with the right window treatments.
For your sunroom or porch, you might want to consider custom window shades to fit the unique windows throughout the space. This also gives you the opportunity to design window treatments to reflect your personal style and taste. Just remember to steer clear of opaque material to allow as much beautiful sunlight in as possible!

2. Create a theme.
One tactic you can use when you're having trouble decorating a room in your home is to think of a theme for the space. HGTV recommends an ocean theme in your sunroom if you want to reminisce about the beach, or perhaps you'll want to choose a country style to give your space a personal touch.

3. Go natural when choosing furniture.
Wicker is a popular material in indoor and outdoor spaces because it's light, natural and fits perfectly into casual porches and sunrooms. However, don't count out other varieties of wood that can possibly mesh well with your theme. For example, bamboo furniture can seamlessly work with a tropical or beach theme by giving it an exotic touch.

Whether you already have an interior design in mind for your sunroom or you're still narrowing down your options, these three tips can make the decorating process simpler.