The interior of your home is important, but the warmer months provide you with the perfect opportunity to adorn its exterior. Planting colorful window boxes is a great way to invigorate your home on a dime, albeit temporarily. Here are some tips for how.

Pick the right flowers
Real Simple recommends choosing flowers that do best with the amount of sunlight that the window box in question would receive. If the front of your home gets a lot of direct sunlight, consider planting Dusty Millers or Verbenas, and if the opposite is true, grow Dark Hearts and Kiwi Ferns.

Take proper care
Out-of-ground soil holds less moisture and nutrients than soil still in the ground, according to Martha Stewart. Use a water-soluble plant food to help supplement some of the disparity, and be sure to water regularly.�

Further adornment
While passersby are admiring your lively flower box, give them an attractive background that doubles as a visual barrier. Cellular shades in light colors make gorgeous backdrops for vibrant flora while helping you to maintain your privacy.�