When you think of the traditional Japanese art form origami, you might imagine visions of paper cranes, flowers and elaborate creations that are often small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. However, the origami style is being transformed into new and exciting forms that can add a touch of modern playfulness to your interior design.

To bring the geometric patterns and sharp folds of origami into your spaces, look for furniture pieces that resemble folded pieces of paper. This means finding chairs, tables and even pillows with geometric patterns, crisp creases and fan-like elements.

Houzz.com even suggests creating your own unique chandelier by making a bunch of paper cranes. If you gather several fun patterns and colors of origami paper that match your design scheme, you can simply look up the crane folding instructions and get to work! Just make sure to use a light fixture that doesn't get hot, like an LED light.

Of course, to go with your new Asian-style decor, consider switching your regular roller shades for bamboo window blinds, which will perfectly match the style.