Books are the ultimate form of decoration for any avid reader. Full libraries and singular bookshelves alike can bring a�sophisticated feel to your home. But even if you don't have any rare tomes, you should be aware of how to store your collection - and then how to decorate around it.�

Keep out unnecessary light
Just as ultraviolet rays can cause paint to fade, it can damage books�inside and out too! If they are frequently exposed to direct sunlight, your books -�both old and new -�will lose the color in their covers, start to yellow at the pages, and eventually start to crack along the binding. Purchase�custom window shades that will cover all areas of the window to ensure that no light gets in when the room isn't in use. If you have a vested interest in preserving your books as effectively as possible, use blackout roman shades. Particularly old books should be kept completely in the dark as much as possible, away from even artificial light.�

Maintain the climate
To create a functional study, The Library of Congress recommends keeping your library cool and dry. Water, even the moisture in humidity,�can erode the fibers in your books, so make sure there are no leaks, and that your room is properly insulated against extreme weather.�

Get that "library" feel
Now that you've made sure your books will last for decades to come, you can decorate. Libraries make great workspaces, and you can achieve that environment at home. Decorate with deep colors like green and brown, and utilize luxurious�materials such as leather and mahogany. Get desk lamps with warm bulbs and a brass base to recreate a classic study. Now you're ready to pick up a perfectly preserved book and start reading!