Whether you live in a downtown apartment building, suburban house or condominium, chances are there's at least one area inside that's a little on the awkward side. Between odd dimensions, low ceilings and minimal space, there are a variety of restrictions that can make decorating and enjoying such a room rather uncomfortable. However, there are a number of home design tricks you can use to make these tiny, cramped spaces look and feel larger. If you're interested in making your interior aesthetic a little more spacious, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Decorate with light colors
While you might not expect it, the color scheme you use in a room can make all the difference in terms of visual space. By employing lighter colors such as white, cream, light blue, beige and gray, you'll actually help draw the eye outward to impress a sense of openness. Alternately, darker colors can make a cramped space feel even smaller by calling attention to its boundaries, so try to avoid using these hues.

Nothing makes a room feel more spacious and comfortable than bright sunshine coming through a large window. When planning an arrangement for your room, try to emphasize the view these portals provide by using translucent custom window shades that won't obscure anyone's line of sight. Opting to install large bay windows can make your backyard or neighborhood seem like part of the room's decor.

Similar to windows, mirrors can trick the eye into believing there's an entire other section to an area, even if you're completely aware that there's not. In addition, strategically placed mirrors can disperse light more effectively throughout your home's interiors, helping to eliminate those dark corners that can make a room feel small.