Getting a pet is an incredibly challenging process - there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge. If you've spent a lot of time and energy making your home nice, you may wonder how a cat or dog will fit into all of that. Luckily for pet lovers, having a cat or dog doesn't have to be detrimental to your design. In fact, they're a pretty cute accessory, despite all the fur. Here are some tips for incorporating pets and pet supplies into your decor.�

Cordless shades are a must when you get a kitten. Otherwise, your feline will be all over swinging blind pulls. For pups, keep items that are easily knocked over out of the way of wagging tails.�

Bedding and furniture
Dog and cat beds come in a lot of different colors and patterns, but if you can't find just the right one for you, get a very neutral beige model and top it with a blanket. It's a great way to continue your interior design palette while keeping your pet cozy. You and everyone that lives with you should decide early on whether or not you will allow your pets on the bed or furniture, because once they're on, it's hard to make them budge. There are compromises, however. Pet stores sell nice, stain-resistant throws that you can contain your dog on while still letting your furry friend to sit on the couch with you.�

Treats and kibble bags aren't always the pinnacle of artistic design. But don't worry about hiding it - ditch it altogether and store your pet's food in glass or plastic jars. If you think someone might mistake dog treats for cookies, get a jar that has puppy motifs on it like paw prints, or keep it on a shelf designated for non-human food.�

Keeping it clean
Keeping everything clean is tough, but possible. The messiest part of having a pooch is the mud they track in on walks, which is luckily not the hardest problem to solve. Yes, you still have to walk your dog! But there are towels available in a special microfiber material that make it easy to clean off pets' paws. In order for them to be effective, keep them in the mudroom or front hall so you can do a quick clean every time you and your pet come through the door.