Did you know that by choosing our Bamboo Roman Shades you are effortlessly "going green"? Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. Some bamboo plants have grown to over 4 feet in 24 hours! A pole of bamboo can regenerate to its full mass in just six months. Bamboo can be continuously re-harvested every 3 years without damaging its eco-system and surrounding environment. During the time it takes to regenerate, the bamboo plant's root system stays intact preventing erosion. Continuous harvesting of this woody grass every 3-7 years actually improves the overall health of the plant.

Bamboo Roman Shades are versatile in terms of installation. They can be installed inside or outside the window frame depending on your preference. They also come in a variety of custom sizes to fit virtually any window. Rich and vibrant, Bamboo Roman Shades add a rustic elegance to any room.

Bamboo Roman Shades are different from other types of window coverings in that they stack and fold (roman style) into even sized panels when the shade is lifted. When lowered, they create a relatively smooth appearance. Bamboo Roman Shades are raised and lowered with a cord system. The cord can be pulled until the roman shades reaches the desired height, allowing portions of the window to be exposed while blocking out other areas. If you are worried about the kiddies playing near the shade, no need to fret. We include retro-fit kits with select bamboo shades making them cordless.

Durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly are just a few words used to describe our Bamboo Roman Shades. So choose one of our custom bamboo shades today; the planet will thank you and you'll love the results in your home!