If you're tired of your kitchen feeling cramped or uninviting but don't want to remodel the entire thing, there's good news for you - it can be done. With a little fresh paint and a few new accessories, you can have the kitchen you've always wanted without having to go through the costly renovation process of installing new countertops and cabinets.

Country kitchen
If you live outside the city or just want to make your kitchen feel more homey, try adding some fun, folksy decorations, notes Midwest Living magazine. Oversized, decorative serving trays, milk pails and stools all look great in wood and can easily be painted to match the decor you're going for. In addition to the customizable potential of this project, you can find these materials in retail stores as well as thrift shops, yard sales and flea markets if you want to save some money and make your kitchen feel even more authentic. For paint colors, you may want to use light blue, pale brown or plain white for the walls to create the simple, rustic feel of a country kitchen. Creating a good spot to sit and gaze out the window is a nice touch, so try putting a comfortable chair and small desk in front of a window and using wood blinds to match the country theme.

Modern kitchen
Although it may seem challenging to create a modern kitchen without installing stainless steel appliances and sleek countertops, you can still get a contemporary feel with just a few accessories. The key is to maximize your existing countertop space, so try to keep all surfaces free of clutter and stationary objects to maintain that streamlined look, suggests TLC.�

You don't need to totally redo everything in the room in contemporary finishes, but a few stainless steel touches will help create a modern feel. Try tucking wood and plastic spoons into a steel bin that contains all your cooking utensils. Not only will this add more of that contemporary gleam to your home, but it will also keep everything neater and tidier, which is key in a modern kitchen. As far as windows and window treatments go, it's best to have plenty of light, so try installing some cordless shades or celluloid shades to let in plenty of light while maintaining the minimalist look.