If your living room is in dire need of a makeover, you might be immediately inclined to bring in new discount window treatments and accent decor. However, a little color may also be needed to liven up your space, especially if it doesn't have many pieces of visual interest. One hue you may want to consider for your space is pink. This shade is not only warm and eye-pleasing, but it can instantly make a room feel more welcoming. Here are some ways you can use pink throughout your living room without going to too much trouble.

1. Incorporate it in your window treatments
Want to go bold with this hue and utilize it throughout your space? Think about bringing in custom window shades or curtains that include pink to use it effectively in your living room. Magenta drapes or baby pink curtains can add a more inviting feeling into your area.

2. Accessorize accordingly
If you want to scale it back and use pink without going overboard, House Beautiful magazine recommends using pink accessories in your space instead of painting your walls in the color. This will allow you to add pops of pink into your living room without having to completely deck out your window treatments or flooring in the hue.

3. Opt for vivid shades
Is boldness and excitement exactly what your living room is missing? If this is the case, you may want to incorporate vivid shades of pink into your room instead. Martha Stewart claims that strong shades of pink such as fuchsia can create an inviting environment. Furthermore, bold hues can counterbalance neutral, muted colors you have in other areas of the room.

4. Tone it down
Not into the idea of applying bright splashes of pink paint throughout your living room?�New York-based British designer Katie Lydon told Elle Decor that it's possible to use this hue without creating a space that hurts the eyes. Simply opt for light shades of the hue instead, such as a pink-peach, to add some soft, subtle color to the area.�

5. Play with different tones
The first shade of pink that you choose might not be the one you fall in love with for your living room. That being said, you have plenty of time to select a tone that pleases your personal tastes. Don't rush the process - you'll be happier with the end results.