There's nothing more frustrating than having a wonderful home but feeling like you can't walk around in it without having to check your windows for people peering in. If you have large windows and open areas throughout your home, it may be easy for passerbys to take a gander into your living spaces.

While this might be acceptable in certain rooms of your home such as the living room or kitchen, it's not exactly ideal in your bedroom or bathroom. With the right discount window treatments, fencing and furniture placement, you can ensure that you feel comfortable wherever you are in your house. Here are a few tips on how to improve the level of privacy in your home.

1. Use window treatments to your advantage.
Sliding panels, bamboo window shades and blinds can all increase how much privacy you have throughout your house. Whether you want more of it in the bedroom or living room, you can easily achieve this by installing window treatments that keep prying eyes away from your most-used areas. Best of all, blinds and shades are relatively easily to install and open on a whim.

2. Put up fencing.
Fencing is a great way to increase privacy around the perimeter of your home. In an area like your backyard where you might want to go to relax, tall fencing can be the difference between feeling self-conscious outdoors or comfortable as you unwind. Don't think of it as casting out your neighbors - consider it a friendly way to create boundaries.

3. Think about furniture placement.
The manner in which your furniture is placed may play a role in how much privacy you receive. For example, a couch placed against a window rather than facing it can limit how much passerbys can see. Consider where your furnishings are placed - especially the large pieces - and how this can help you achieve your goal of increasing privacy.

4. Plant shrubs around your house.
If you feel that fencing is a little too overwhelming, consider planting shrubs around your house instead. Strategically place them in front of windows to provide more coverage in front of rooms where you would rather not have anyone peering into your house. Of course, you'll need to keep up with pruning, but this is a small price to pay for peace of mind when you're relaxing indoors.