If you love vacationing to exotic locations around the globe and you yearn for the beach when you're at home, you might want to think about transforming a frequently-used room into a tropical haven.

Whether you can't get enough of Hawaii or your fondest memories take you back to Tahiti, there are a few ways you can turn your bedroom into a beachy retreat. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve your interior design goals with the right discount window treatments, linens and decor.

1. Treat your windows right.If you aim to create a tropical bedroom that you can relax in and will make you feel like you're back on the seashore, you might want to start with bamboo window blinds. This wood can give your bedroom an exotic feeling and bamboo is a great sustainable option if you're interested in being eco-friendly.

2. Go light when selecting furniture.
As you select a bed frame, dresser and other large pieces of furniture for your living space, it's in your best interest to choose pieces that aren't too big and bulky. Oversized furnishings can take away from the light, airy feel you want to create in the room - a must if you want to develop a tropical-inspired interior design. Consider wicker furniture if you're interested in channeling the feeling of a beach resort.

3. Use tropical patterns.What better way to bring the beach to your bedroom than to use patterns that remind you of exotic destinations? Whether you're looking for the perfect wallpaper design or a new duvet cover to top off your bed, you might want to consider beachy patterns to help you bring the tropical theme together. For example, you can look for designs that include large palm tree leaves or images of exotic flowers. These patterns may not work in every room of the home, but they can fit in perfectly with your bedroom's interior decor.

4. Choose the right colors.
What colors do you think of when you look back on your vacations to tropical destinations? When it comes to the beach, blue, sandy beige and sunset yellow likely come to mind. It's these hues that can help you create the exotic bedroom of your dreams. Apply them to everything from your bed sheets to your walls to truly evoke the feeling of Hawaii, Tahiti or wherever your beach memories take you.