How many times have you found yourself wondering why you can't create that "home sweet home" feeling in your living spaces? Despite your elaborate interior decor tactics, discount window treatments and new wall paint, you still might be struggling to achieve a comforting feeling in your home.

One way to overcome this challenge is to bring in more houseplants. As simple as it sounds, this tactic can be the difference between a cold, dreary home and one that welcomes you with open arms. Here are some tips on how to use houseplants to spruce up your interior design.

1. Complement them with light.
Plants need light to thrive and survive, but they also require a bit of illumination in order to enhance your overall decor. Consider installing wood blinds or shades that can be easily adjusted to allow sunlight to cascade into your home throughout the day. When the light hits your plants, they'll look even more beautiful.

2. Dress them up with flowers.
The green hues of your houseplants will likely do wonders for your environment as it is, but you can take it to the next level with flowers, according to Real Simple magazine. Consider picking up a few flowers at the grocery store to add to your houseplants and make them look like they were just pulled from the garden. Grocery store plants are optimal for this purpose because they tend to be more affordable than what you would find at a nursery.

3. Combine green with green.
Martha Stewart recommends giving your houseplants a green backdrop to enhance their overall appearance. While it might seem a bit like going overboard, using different shades is the trick to achieving the perfect interior design. Complementing green with green can help create a beautiful appearance.

4. Use unique containers.
One way you can ensure your houseplants are always worth viewing is to keep them in unique containers - who says pots are the only option? Consider various vase shapes and even empty plastic bottles for your plants to give them a little something extra. The same two types of plants can look entirely different when housed in different containers!

Even if you already have a couple of houseplants around your home, there's no reason why you can't bring in more to spruce up your living spaces! Replanting them in new containers might be an easier way to achieve your design goals.