How many times have you walked into a room and wished that the focal point was your beautiful collection of figurines or family heirlooms? While you might love the look of your discount window treatments and furniture, you may also want your collectibles�to get the attention they deserve. That being said, there are a few ways that you can display your most prized possessions adequately and help them seamlessly complement your custom window shades and accent decor. Here are some easy tips you can take into account in your own home.

Use divided cases
Real Simple magazine claims that divided cases can be the perfect solution if you're having trouble showcasing small collectibles that often make their way into the background. By bringing in shelving that has particular cubbies for various items, you can keep them all separate and allow them to speak for themselves.

Spruce up your pieces
Do you collect pieces of wall art? How about glass figurines? Whatever the case may be, Apartment Therapy recommends sprucing them up and giving them the love they deserve. For example, consider placing your art in elegant frames or restoring your figurines. This can make them more eye-catching in a room full of beautiful decor.

Group your collectibles accordingly
To create flow within your collection, House Beautiful magazine recommends grouping similar items together. For instance, keeping pieces of the same color in a designated area can draw more attention to them. Organizing your items by texture, size or style can also be an effective way to make your collection attractive to the eye.

Whether you have your mother's porcelain tea set that you want to show off or you're fond of collecting antique wine glasses, these tips can help you display your belongings in an elegant manner.