Your child's room is their sanctuary - but you're likely the one cleaning it. Luckily, you can mix design sensibility with a child-like sense of wonder when decorating your little one's bedroom. Here are some tips for putting together a kid's room that will make everyone happy.�

You may find that your child has the tendency to spread items across the floor - toys, clothes or school supplies. This habit isn't easily broken, but you can contain the mess and make cleaning up easier by dividing your child's room into sections. For example, if your kid likes crafts, set up a crafting corner for them, and keep all their supplies in that one�area. Ideally, that will retain all the art-related mess in that area. Likewise with clothes, books and toys.�

Another necessary method of organizing is storage containers. Cubbies are a great way to implement storage without sacrificing design. You can create a checkerboard�pattern within these by putting straw baskets in every other compartment, and by keeping like with like�you make things easy to find and�put away.

If your child has a bureau, but the clothes tend to end up in drawers haphazardly, consider painting the piece in chalkboard paint. Not only does it provide your loved one with the opportunity to draw on furniture, but you can label each drawer to know what goes where.�

Organization is an important step to making your child's bedroom easy to clean, but perhaps a more complicated undertaking�is creating stain-resistant surfaces. Some parts of this are as simple as picking out bamboo window shades that are easy to clean in the case of dust or spills, but others are more difficult. How are you supposed to keep the carpet nice when it's bright white and your child's soccer cleats make their way upstairs? Trick number one - don't use a white rug. If you already have wall-to-wall carpeting in pristine condition, put an area rug down. If you pick out one that's washable and stain resistant, there will be a lot less stress when the grape juice inevitably hits the floor. Hard wood floors with a machine washable area rug on top is the perfect flooring for kids, and the easiest to clean for you.�You can make the furniture easy to clean as well by simply finding stain-resistant slips to go over them.�

Now that you've made plenty of space for your child to keep his or her items and eliminated some of the fear of spills, it's time to make your child's room fun! A trend that can be seen all over Pinterest is the use of bold, graphic prints in kids' bedrooms. Black-and-white rugs, custom window treatments and pillows paired with white walls and splashes of bright color create a unique environment in which your child can grow. By opting for white or muted walls and resisting the urge to paint hot pink, you make it easier to update your kid's room as they age. Chances are they won't be crazy about nursery wallpaper when they're eight, so keep the baby and toddler patterns to things that are more easily changed, like rugs or duvet covers. Wall decals are a great method of getting a wallpaper look that is less expensive and significantly easier to switch out. They come in letters, which can act as a point of reference for a child learning to read, and in more grown-up motifs, like flowers.�