Tropical decor is perfect for summer months or in a beachside vacation home, and it provides a cheerful sanctuary from the cold during snowfalls. Here are some tips on how to construct a tropical living room.�

If you're just looking to add a tropical feel to your room, then the place to start is with the accessories. This style of design features a lot of beachy materials, such as wicker and bamboo. For your windows, the most tropical treatment you can use is wooden roller shades. Reminiscent of a balmy cabana on the shoreline, the funky shades will provide you with some privacy while contributing to the decor. Decorate with lots of bright flora to make the air smell fragrant and add pops of natural color throughout the room. Tropical style also allows for a certain level of quirk: If you've been collecting seashells, now would be the time to adhere them to the frame of an old mirror and hang it in your living room for a vacation vibe. Look for coastal motifs as well, such as patterns that almost reflect palm trees and hibiscus flowers.

Tropically inspired rooms often use a lot of wood and wicker, but you can also channel paradise with colorful, exotic patterns and prints. Seek out comfortable seating - remember that part of the appeal of cabana style is that it's relaxing. Pieces like egg chairs with plush cushions piled on top are a great alternative to going all out and hanging a hammock in your living room. Love seats and ottomans are another great way to get that exotic feeling.

The colors of a tropical room often look as though they've been pulled out of a natural habitat, but the scene is up to you. You could use the beach as inspiration and use lots of beige with blues as accents, or you could pull pigments from a tropical rainforest and use green and deep brown with pops of fuchsia and yellow. To keep it sophisticated, let the neutral materials in the room speak for themselves and stick to muted shades of cerulean. Or, make it fresh by keeping the walls and majority of your furnishings white sneaking unexpected pops of color in.