If you're lucky enough to have space in your home for an office, you know how important it is to create an interior design that encourages productivity. That being said, it can be difficult to decorate an office or a study if you've never done so before - should the room be warm and cozy like the rest of your house or should it remind you of your cubicle?

There are a few tips you can take into account as you look to select the right discount window treatments, flooring and office furniture for your at-home workspace. Even if you aren't an experienced interior designer, you can still create a home office that caters to your work and lifestyle.

Make storage a priority
In order to make sure that your decor sparkles and shines, you'll need to keep clutter out of the way at all times - this is often easier said than done in a workspace. When designing your room, look for storage items first. Bring in cabinets to hold all of your files and a desk with drawers that can keep your items organized. By preventing clutter from building up, you can ensure your office always looks welcoming.

Personalize it
When you're having a rough day at the office, sometimes all it takes is a photo of your kids or spouse to cheer you up. To truly personalize your workspace and make it feel more comfortable, add sentimental items to your decor. Put up framed photos and bring in pieces that you might've collected on a memorable vacation to customize the room. Doing so can perk you up when you need a little motivation to get through the day.

Don't underestimate the power of comfort
Cubicles can be cold, stale and uninviting - don't bring this decor into your home office! Consider using wood blinds to create a warm, welcoming feeling in your work area and allow sunlight to flow into the space throughout the day. Use colors such as red, orange and yellow on your walls and furnishings to create a more energetic vibe. Finally, invest in items such as a comfortable computer chair to give you a reason to want to stick around.

Although it can be tough to decorate a home office if you've never done so before, these tips can make it easier for you to craft an interior design that fits your lifestyle.