Cleaning the kitchen can sometimes be as easy as running the dishwasher, but to create a tidy, organized environment, there are some steps you need to take.�

1. Get rid of old ingredients�
Unless ingredients are creating a stink in the back of your fridge, chances are you barely notice old items�that you don't need anymore. Things such as old flour that you'll never use because your child was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, baking chocolate that you won't eat because you're on a diet, and the beef in the back of your freezer that's probably too old to eat by now you should toss. Go through all of your cabinets, your fridge, and your freezer, and get rid of anything that you don't think you'll ever need.�

2. Cut out extra tools
Kitchen tools can build up quickly,�from the kitschy�egg-shaped timer you got as a wedding present�to the plastic flatware you've had since college. You don't need to necessarily get rid of these - if you have the storage space and think you could use some things for entertaining in the future, stow them away in a labeled box in your basement or attic. But cut out the things you have two of and accessories that have the same function: You don't need two of the same size butcher knife.�

3. Replace old accessories�
Make your kitchen look cleaner by replacing old dingy items, such as cracked tile or old discount window treatments. For an especially clean look, get cordless shades for your new, tidy space. If you keep your pans on display, get rid of the ones that are too scratched to use and substitute them with shiny copper pans.�