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Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds

Our Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds provide more personality than the standard vertical blind. Each blind is constructed with a sturdy fabric that is softer than the traditional PVC blind. Not only will they be softer to the touch, but to the eye as well. Adding a fabric vertical blind to your patio door will add color and style to your room while also providing excellent light control. Our regal vertical line comes with a valance to cover the headrail components and is expertly fabricated to fit your window precisely. We highly recommend you order a sample to see and feel the difference yourself.

Production Time: 5-7 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.

Shipping Rate: FREE

-Available 20+ styles!
-Heavy-duty metal track system with automatic vane realignment
-Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines
-1 3/8" x 2" aluminum metal Headrail
-3 1/2" wide Fabric vanes
-Manufacturer-Backed Limited Lifetime Warranty
-Custom Hand Built in the USA to your specifications
-All installation hardware included

Vertical Blind Measuring & Ordering Instructions
Selecting the Type of Mounting:
Determine whether the blind is going to be installed inside the window frame or outside the window
Inside Mount (IB):
Inside mount installations are often preferred because the blinds take up less space in the room.
Measuring the Width and the Length for Inside Mount:
For the width, measure across the top, middle, and bottom of the window opening.  Using the
narrowest dimension, measure to the nearest 1/8”.  By using the narrowest measurement the blind will
operate correctly.  
For the length, measure the up and down dimension on the left, center, and right side.  Use the shortest
length measurement, measuring to the nearest 1/8”.
The factory will make any appropriate deductions.  Do not make any width or length deductions.  
Outside Mount (OB):
Outside mount installations are mounted on the wall or on the window molding.  It is best to overlap
the window opening at least 3” on each side when measuring for vertical blinds.
Measuring the Width and the Length for Outside Mount:
Measure the area that the blind is to cover.  For vertical blinds it is recommended to overlap the
window opening by at least 3” on each side for a total of 6”.  To allow for enough space for the
mounting brackets, it is also suggested that a vertical blind be installed at least 3” above the window
Note:  When outside mount blinds are specified, no factory deductions are taken. 
Confirming Measurements:
The most common error in ordering blinds is reversing the width and the length measurements. 
Always confirm that the width is the measurement that goes across from left to right and that the
length is the measurement that goes from top to bottom.  

Current Selections

Color: Contrast Claret
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Select a color

Step 1: Select a color

Select a Color:
Select a Size and Mount

Step 2: Select a Size and Mount

Select Width in inches [min: 12, max: 191]

Select Height in inches [min: 12, max: 144]

Mount Type: What's This?

Measuring Instructions
Inside Mount: Provide the measurements of the inside of your window recess. NOT the size you want the blind.
Outside Mount:
Provide the width and height you need the blind/shade to cover.
Click here for detailed measuring instructions.

Select Controls

Step 3: Select Controls

Control Location     What's This?

Tilter mechanism     What's This?

Stack direction     What's This?

Valance Included     What's This?

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will purchase again in the future, Monday, March 16, 2015

5 Stars
gary beams

Quality is great. Measurements were precise. One issue and that was the color shade on a couple of the fabric pieces but the spares took care of that.

Head rail, Monday, May 5, 2014

5 Stars
Doreen trani

I made an error on how the blinds should open, ( left right center) called and was told I would have to pay for return shipping and would have to rebut head rails. Next time, since I need verticlals for downstairs I'll go with a company that offers fit guarantee.

Great option for a replacement, Saturday, December 14, 2013

4 Stars
Rick Janssen

We purchased these to replace a patio door vertical blind that would no longer open. These blinds were very similar and in fact fit the existing brackets. They weren't as opaque as our previous shades, but look great and work slick.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question

Do they have weights in the bottom to hold them down.


The Regal Fabric Vertical blinds do not have weights at the bottom of each vane.


Can you get vertical blinds to open both ways to the left and right so that they come together in the middle? If not how much wall space is required when in the open position for example on 106" width blinds.


Unfortunately not. Most of our vertical blind products offer the option of a "split" opening which is also called "center opening". This is would mean the slats would open from the middle and stack evenly on both the left and right. We do not have any products that stack in the center. As for space when open, we do not have a measurement for how much space is taken up when the slats are stacked open. That can range from about 10"-20" and would all depend upon your stack direction.


are these fabric blinds available in replacement boxes...if many in a box and how much is it? also...these are the ones that just pop in the top of an already installed track, correct?


We will provide replacement vanes if the original unit was purchased from us. Otherwise, if your unit is manufactured elsewhere, there is no guarantee any vanes we replace will fit properly.


Do any vertical blinds have white on the outside and a different color on the inside. We live in a community that every thing has to show white from the street. Thank You


All of our vertical blinds will be the color you order on both sides. However if you order a textured color, it will be smooth on the "street side". If you need the "street side" to be white, you will need to order a vertical blind in the color white.


re; regal vertical blinds- do these blinds come with bottom sway chains?


No, these do not come with bottom sway chains.

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