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9/16" Premium Cordless Cellular Shades

Our 9/16" Premium Cordless Cellular shades are long on benefits and short on price.

Put them in a baby's room or a room that a pet frequents because these cellular shades are child-safe. Moreover, the individual cells trap incoming and outgoing air keeping your rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

With the Pure White and Cream light filtering colors you will have a nice glow when the sun is out. Or if you prefer a shade that blocks all light for a bedroom or TV room, you may want to view our Blackout versions, which costs a bit more, but is still a terrific deal.  We have them in our kids' rooms to help them eke out a few extra minutes of sleep.

* Please note this product is white from the "street side".

Production Time: 5-7 business days + 2-5 business days for shipping. (or rush it for just $6 a shade)

Shipping Rate: FREE

  • Single Honeycomb construction
  • Made from 100% polyester non-woven point-bond fabric 
  • Improves room’s energy efficiency
  • Filters out UV rays
  • R-Values of 3.5 and 4.3 respectively
3-Year Limited Lifetime warrant on this product.

Depth requirements for inside mounting:

  • Flush Mount - 2"
  • Minimum Depth required - 3/4"

Flat Mounting space required for outside mount: 7/8" flat space.

Here is a view of the bracket that will be used to install your Premium Cellular Shade:

cellular shade installation bracket

Current Selections

Color: Pure White Light Filtering
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Select a Color:
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Step 2: Select a Size and Mount

Select Width in inches [min: 16, max: 72]

Select Height in inches [min: 16, max: 72]

Mount Type: What's This?
Measuring Instructions:
Inside Mount:Provide the measurements of the inside of your window recess. NOT the size you want the blind. 3/4" depth necessary for mounting.
Outside Mount: Provide the width and height you need the blind/shade to cover.
Click here for detailed measuring instructions.

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Premiun Cordless Shades, Monday, April 18, 2016

5 Stars
Barbara Ratzken

I used this blind to cover the window in my door. It provides the privacy I wanted and when raised it is small and inconspicuous. This is my third time ordering from Payless Décor. I have never been disappointed!

Sleeping in!, Thursday, April 07, 2016

5 Stars

Needed blackout shades to keep my grandson from getting up with the sun, which shines directly in his windows as it rises. Windows are accessible to him, so didn't want any cords. These cordless shades really block the light, fit well and are easy for him to operate once it IS time to get up. Super easy install. Paying extra for the rush ($6) was very worth it!

Happy with my blinds, Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Stars
Mary Macie

Overall I'm very pleased with these blinds they are very sturdy and hang well. I have yet to put a valance over them but no they will look smart with it.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question

Do these shades lower from the top also?


They do not. All of these shades either open automatically from the top (as well as bottom) or have it as an option: https://www.paylessdecor.com/Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Shades/Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Shades.asp. And here is our least expensive cellular shade that comes with top-down-bottom-up lift: https://www.paylessdecor.com/Cellular-Shades/Payless-Decor-Home-Basics-12-Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Cordless-Cellular-Shades.asp


Do the Premium Cordless Cellular Shades block the view from outside at night? (privacy)


Yes, They do offer privacy. If you would like to take a look, we would be happy to send you a sample. Just chose the colors you like here, and we'll get one on the way! http://www.paylessdecor.com/free-samples.asp


I searched for Tops down, bottoms up cellular shades and this product came up but the product description does not clarify whether they are or are not. ??


This particular product is not. However our Designer, Premiere, and Advantage lines offer top down, bottom up as an option under our "select controls" tab.


do these shades come with a magnetic fastening for french doors?


They do not. We generally recommend you purchase an inexpensive velcro kit from your local hardware store for this purpose.


What shade is available in 77 inches long??


Our Premiere and Regal Cellular Shade lines offer that size. I have enclosed a link below to our cell shades. Scroll down to the Designer or Signature Cell Shades and click "Choose & Buy" to view the different color selections. You also may want to order free samples on our website once you have decided on colors that match your decor (10 samples max). http://www.paylessdecor.com/Cellular-Shades/Cellular-Shades.asp


What is the minimum depth needed for an inside mount on this shade? Thanks.


The minimum depth for inside mount of this product is 1 3/8". If you need a flush fit, the minimum depth requirement is 2".


I am looking at a white blackout cellular shade 9/16" , is the outside view also white?


Yes, the outside view will also be white.


Does the 9/16" Premium Cordless Cellular Shades have a metal headrail or a plastic headrail Thank You Don Yauger


The 9/16" Premium Cordless Cellular Shades have a color-coordinated plastic headrail.


1. Are the light filtering white shades completely private when closed? 2. Is the white blackout the same color as the white light filtering? In other words, does the blackout lining effect the shade of white- I would like to mix and match the black-out and light filtering for the same room.


1. Although you can see shadows with the privacy shades, you can not see naked light, so I would think they would meet your privacy need. 2. They are not the exact same color. The blackout material does slightly affect the color and texture of the shades. I recommend you order a could samples, and it will help you visualize how they will look. Samples are free here: http://www.paylessdecor.com/free-samples.asp


how much do the light filtering shades darken the room at night?


Light-filtering shades do not darken a room. They filter light into a room so the light isn't as bright coming through your window. If you are looking for a room darkening shade, I would highly recommend you check out our cellular shades that say "blackout" in the product name.


Do these shades have a release button for upping & lowering?


You will manually lower and raise by hand; there is not a release button. There is a plastic handle along the bottom rail that is used to assist in lowering and raising.


My windows measure 28-3/4 inches wide, 32-1/2 inches wide, and 28-1/2 inches wide. All are 56-1/2 inches long except for the 28-1/2 inch wide ones - they are 28-1/2 inches long as well. These are inside measurements. Are your 29" wide blinds exactly that? I guess if they are, then they wouldn't work. What is the solution? Thanks!


All of our shades and blinds are custom made to your specifications. If you are measuring for inside mount, you provide the exact inside recess and we will make the necessary deductions for you. Never put the size you want unless you are ordering for outside mount. We highly recommend that you read our measuring guide and call with any questions: http://www.paylessdecor.com/measuring-guide.asp.


Do the cellular blinds have a different color on back like a neutral color?


Yes, they are white to the street side for the 9/16" Premium Cordless Cellular Shades.

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