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Platinum Bamboo Roller Shades

Our Platinum Bamboo Roller Shades provide an updated look on the classic roller window shade. Each shade is made with small uniform bamboo reeds and filters light gently into your home.  The three basic patterns allow varying levels of light - the higher the amount, the more light will enter your room, the lower the amount the less light:

  • 20% openness (Akita)
  • 10% openness (Bamboo Palm) 
  • 8% openness (Sendai)

Delivery: 16-24 days.

Shipping Rate: FREE

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Conforms to CPSC Child Safety Guidelines
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Rollease clutch comes standard
  • Valance and Headrail upgrade available.

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      Inside Mount: Provide the measurements of the inside of your window recess. NOT the size you want the blind.
      Outside Mount: Take an exact width measurement of where you would like the headrail to cover. Please note that the fabric will be less than the roller/header - see product specs or call for details.

      For detailed measuring instructions click here

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      Do these provide privacy from the outside. Can you tell me which of the shades, including Roman shades provide that privacy? And, what shade would provide the privacy and still allow one to see out? I'm not so much interested in the amount of light let in as assuring privacy. Thanks.


      These Platinum Bamboo Roller Shades are made up of very small matchstick type bamboo sticks. They are woven together closely, but can still be seen through. If you like the look of these, but need privacy, I recommend the bamboo roman shades as you mentioned. Those have an option to add a privacy or blackout liner in Step #3 of the customization area. The only way to guarantee privacy on any bamboo shade is to add the liner. The natural variation in reed size and the woven design for all of these allow not only a lot of light to come through, but you will be able to see out and someone outside your home can see into the room. There are no shades that we offer that you can see out but someone outside cannot see in. I do recommend that you request some free sample swatches so that you can see these materials in person. Here is a link: The liners are applied permanently to the back side of the shade and give you that added protection and privacy you will need. The privacy liner is light filtering, so light will still come into the room and the blackout liner is opaque and will block light.


      Hi, I thought these were roller shades? How come the only option to open them is to the right or left? They don't roll up using a spring roller?


      These are roller shades, but they are not operated with a spring lift. They are controlled using a continuous cord loop. That loop control is going to lower or raise the shade. They do not open to the left or right, that is where the continuous cord loop is placed-the left or right side of the shade. If you scroll through the photos of this product, you will see a close up view of the continuous cord loop control in the third photo.


      Could these somehow be mounted to strong magnets for installation on a steel door?


      Unfortunately, no. We provide metal mounting brackets that require screws to mount the shades. We don't have any magnetic attachments and should you find some on your own accord, they may not be strong enough to support the weight of the shade and the lowering and raising.

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