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8 Foot Polymer/Metal Drapery Pole Set

Our polymer/metal drapery pole set comes with (2) 4 foot poles, is 1 3/8" in diameter, comes with (2) matching round finials, (3) brackets, and (1) hidden double sided screw joiner. It will mount at a 3.25" projection from wall to center-bracket.  This drapery stands up to outdoor conditions.

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Can rods be joined together to form a very long curtain rod? I have a window of walls and would like to use one very long rod. I understand that using brackets for each rod is required. I just want a single unified rod appearance. I know other rods can be joined together to form this desired appearance


They are not made to work this way unfortunately. So it is not as simple as them all fitting together. I supposed you could cut them and somehow fix them together, but it wouldn't be as simple as screwing them together.

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