Routeless Blinds

Routeless Blinds

Our 2" Designer Blinds can be purchased routeless at no additional cost in March. The routeless, or no holes feature, offers unparalleled privacy and a sleeker look than a typical venetian blind.

In addition, both our wood and faux wood blinds are proudly US made and are made and shipped very quickly. The wood blind should arrive 7 business days after the day that you order and the faux wood blind should arrive 9-12 days after the day that you order.

Routeless Blinds
Payless Decor 2 Designer Fauxwood Blinds

2" Designer Fauxwood Blinds

Starting from: $52.89$88.15

Our most versatile faux wood blind - Proudly Certified 'Made in the USA'! 

Payless Decor 2 Designer Basswood Blinds

2" Designer Basswood Blinds

Starting from: $63.80$106.33

'Made in the USA'

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