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Home Basics Roman Shades

Our Home Basics Roman Shades are high quality, but they simply are not as expensive as Roman Shades that can typically be hundreds of dollars more. With 9 colors, you can match the decor in your room or add a touch of color.

No matter which color you choose, a standard light filtering liner comes in it so it is white facing the street.

* Plain Fold Style

Production Time: 5-7 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.
Shipping Rate: FREE

- Manufacturer-Backed Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Plain Fold style with a fabric wrapped headrail and no valance.
- All installation hardware included
- Standard Liner in white  included at no charge
- Material: 100% Cotton Canvas-thermal backed with white acrylic foam
- Cords to the back. 

Inside Mount: Minimum window depth required: 1½. 2 3/8” required for a flush mount

Outside Mount: If space allows, we recommend adding 1”-1.5” of width to each side of window (2”-3” total) to reduce light penetration from edges of shade.

Cleaning: Vacuum lightly with the soft brush or upholstery attachment

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Measuring Instructions
Inside Mount: Provide the measurements of the inside of your window recess. NOT the size you want the blind.
Outside Mount:
Provide the width and height you need the blind/shade to cover.
Click here for detailed measuring instructions.

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Positive experience , Sunday, September 11, 2016

5 Stars
Wanda Cox

Highly recommend

Basics Roman Shades, Wednesday, March 16, 2016

5 Stars
Christine Wengler

The shades are easy to hang, a second set of hands is needed for sure. I was very disappointed with the color. On line it said it was cream color, when I received them they are not cream they are yellow. I had to keep them as I waited over two and a half weeks to get them and I needed them, could not wait another 3 weeks.

happy, Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Stars
Kathy Chomout

This is my second order and I have been very pleased with all the blinds that I ordered!

Questions & Answers

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Does the Home Basics Roman Shade need a privacy liner? We are wanting to use it in our bedroom but did not see a liner option for this product. Is the fabric on its own opaque enough for privacy?


No matter which color you choose, a standard light filtering liner comes in it so it is white facing the street. However, this is not a blackout liner.


I measured my window in three places, top, bottom, and middle, and they vary a bit. I'm not sure which measurement to put in for the width. Is the rule to use the smallest measurement? top 39 1/2 mid 39 9/16 bottom 39 3/4 Thank you


The rule of thumb is to order the smallest of the 3 widths so that your shade goes up/down fluidly.


Can I use these to cover a sliding patio door by using 2 shades? thank you.


Perhaps you could. However, there will be a space between where blinds are mounted. We do carry sliding glass door treatments specifically for sliding doors such as fabric sliding panels, bamboo sliding panels, fabric vertical blinds, etc.


Can I use these shades on a door window?


Yes, you can use them on a door if you choose to. The only thing is the shade will swing out when you open/close the door. A suggestion, you can buy some Velcro from an Arts & Craft store to hold the shade down at the bottom of the door.


I have two windows, side by side in one opening. I want an inside mount. Can we mount the roman blinds to the top of the window frame rather than to the sides? Do I need to do anything special to order this type?


Yes, you can absolutely mount the Roman Shades to the top of the window frame rather than the sides. All the correct mounting hardware will come with it automatically. If you provide us the measurement of the overall opening (and divide in 1/2" for each shade) and choose 'inside mount' then the correct deductions will be taken so that each shade fits within your opening without rubbing against each other and has the correct mounting hardware.


Does the Roman Shade in "white" fabric filter some light in or does it completely block-out light? Thanks!


Yes, light will be able to filter in.


Do these roman shades with the sheer liner allow either both fabrics to be down, just the sheer be down and both be up? We are looking for double roman shades with that option and cannot tell if that is possible here. Thanks. Please answer by email. Susan Wall


For the Home Basics line, you cannot order a moveable liner. It will be permanently attached to the back of the shade and will lower and raise with the shade. It will never move separate.


We have a large window that opens like a sliding door so the one side of the window sticks out further. Would the roman shades work for a window like this? Would you recommend one large shade or two? I would have to mount it from the top since the windows are side by side and open horizontally. Can you recommend a fixture for this type of window?


First, you need to determine if you can do an inside mount based on the depth of the window that sticks out further. Measure the inside recess, and if you have at least 1.25", then you can order for inside mount. For a large span, we recommend that you choose two separate shades since that will cut down on the wear and tear of the headrail mechanisms and expand the life of the shades. If you don't have enough depth, you can mount two shades outside of the window--and mount either on the framework or the wall around the window. Here is a link to the measuring guide for more details: http://www.paylessdecor.com/measuring-guide.asp


when this shade is completely open, what is the measurement of the fabric that still shows (hangs down)?


That will ultimately depend upon the overall height. While we do not have exact figures, it is safe to say about 10-12 inches will hang down when it is fully open.

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