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Advantage Plus Roman Shades

Our Advantage Plus Roman Shades come in four beautiful roman styles and a multitude of fabrics and patterns to add to the decor in any room. In addition, since the fabric styles are the same as our Advantage Plus drapery panels you can coordinate your decor throughout your home.  Finally, make sure you view our various lining options to ensure you have complete control of the light that enters your home; our standard light filtering liner comes free in white or ivory. Within our collection, please find the following fabric categories:

Price tier 1
Ashton Stripe –Poly Awning Stripe, Deluxe Stripe
Wilmington – Cotton Duck, Classic Solid
Camelot– Faux Silk, Classic Solid
Herringbone - Textured Solid
Rio – Faux Linen, Textured Solid

Price tier 2
Dahlia – Charmeuse Satin
Uma – Raffia Texture
Bermuda – Plisse Scroll
Harrison Stripe – Relax Stripe
Misty Sheer – Semi Opaque Sheer
Gem – Micro Suede, Textured Solid
Waterloo Dot - Textured Solid

Price tier 3
Flourish – Leaf Vine Embroidery
100% Silk - Classic Solid

If you are looking for something child and pet safe we recommend adding our cordless lift system - the  first hand crafted fashion fabric roman shade to offer a cord free lift system.

Production Time: 5-8 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.
Shipping Rate: FREE

- Manufacturer-Backed Limited Lifetime Warranty
- All installation hardware included
- Same fabric as in our Advantage Plus Drapery line
- Cords are installed on the back of the shade by default.
- Standard Liner in white or ivory included at no charge
- Depth requirements
  • Regular – 1 ½” for flush and 1 ¼” minimum
  • Cord Loop – 2” for flush and 1 ¾” minimum
  • TDBU – 2” for flush and 1 ¾” minimum
  Material Pattern Repeat
Wilmington 100% cotton n/a
Ashton Stripe 100% polyster rpt: 3”h
Camelot 100% polyster n/a
Rio 100% polyster n/a
Herringbone 100% polyester n/a
Neptune 100% polyester rpt: 13”h x 13”v
Waterloo 71% polyester/29% viscose rpt: 0.375"h x 0.375"v
Gem 100% polyester n/a
Silk 100% silk n/a
Shadow Leaf 52% cotton/48% polyester rpt: 20"h x 20"v
- Continuous lift option available
- Plain, Flat, European, and Soft Fold Roman Styles available
- Duofold (Top-Down Bottom Up) option available
- Two Blinds on one headrail option available
- Mulitple lining options
- Greater than 48" wide shades will be made with a varying width center panel and side panels seamed to a minimum of 9" wide on both sides.

Current Selections

Color: Wilmington Natural
Call for Details


Step 1: Select a color

Select a Color:

Step 2: Select a Size and Mount

Select Width in inches [min: 12, max: 108]

Select Height in inches [min: 12, max: 120]

Mount Type: Click for Help Info

Measuring Instructions
Inside Mount: Provide the measurements of the inside of your window recess. NOT the size you want the blind.
Outside Mount:
Provide the width and height you need the blind/shade to cover.
Click here for detailed measuring instructions.

Step 3: Select Controls

Fold style     Click for Help Info

Lining     Click for Help Info

Lift location     Click for Help Info

Continuous Cord Loop     Click for Help Info

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Cords forward     Click for Help Info

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Average Rating:

Excellent Write a Review

happy in Brooklyn, Sunday, October 26, 2014

5 Stars

I couldn't be happier with these roman shades. I shopped around for a long time and was a little skeptical of the low price of these, but my fears were unfounded. These are exactly what I imagined and a fraction of the price on other sites.

Everything and more than we expected., Tuesday, September 02, 2014

5 Stars

These shades are beautiful! I am so glad that I took the time to order samples ahead. In the end, I picked something different than what I thought was my favorite. These shades have completely changed the way my living space looks. I would highly recommend them. The quality is fantastic. We opted for the thermal backing because we live in a room full of windows, climate control is important.

Beautiful shades, Saturday, August 16, 2014

5 Stars
Amanda Haskins

Gorgeous shades that are well made. I measured wrong and they didn't fit accurately but they are beautiful.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question

Can the Roman shade be mounted from the top of a bay window overhang, and not the window frame? Should the inside or outside mount be ordered if this can be done?


Yes, the Roman shades can be mounted from the top of a bay window overhang. It would be ordered as an outside mount and you will receive true measured blind with no deductions or allowances.


What is the minimum depth needed to flush mount a fabric roman shade with the loop control?


For a roman shade with a cord loop the depth requirements are 2” for flush and 1 ¾” minimum to mount inside.


What is the maximum width you would go on a window before you order the two shades on one headrail option? My window is about 66" wide. Depending on how wide I go on the trim for an outside mount. Will that get too heavy for one headrail?


Unfortunately, it is difficult to know the weight of a shade that wide, and convey how heavy it will be. The height is also a component of the weight, as is the owner's strength. I will say, we sell plenty of shades up to about 72" wide and 60" or so high. (30 square feet). On the flip side, if you are planning to raise and lower the shades a fair amount, you will want them lighter.


How much space is between the two shades when doing this option (2 shades on one headrail).


There will be roughly a 3/4" gap between each shade.


Is it possible to either line roman shades with solar material so it operates independently from the roman shade or hang a solar shade under a roman shade so I have solar protection during the day with a view but privacy at night when I lower the roman shade?


We do have black out and privacy liner for roman shades. However, we currently do not have the "removable" or separate lifting options on the liner. Liner is permanently attached to shade if you choose this option.


what does it mean that the cord hangs down halfway down the curtain, does it hang out underneath the curtain?


No...the cord does not hang underneath the shade. It will hang down from the backside of the shade. The cord will hang down a little more than half the length of the shade. You can also choose either a left or right lift location.


I'd like to mount roman shades on both front and rear doors, could you be so kind as to guide me in mounting these types of shades? Is this an option for me? Likewise, I'm concerned about them swinging when the doors are opened and closed; any suggestions?


Yes, you can mount these shades on a door. However you would need to go to a department/arts & craft store and purchase some type of velcro to prevent shades from swinging out as you open/close the doors.


is the the cord looped al the way up and are I dont want them see through from the outside but I want them to let some light in when closed during the day


If you select the "continuous cord loop" option for this product, the cord loop hangs down a little more than halfway down the shade. If you would like some light to come in, you can select the standard lining at no additional charge which is light-filtering.


what is the difference between a standard white blackout liner and the premium blackout liner? (other than the price)


The standard white blackout is 100% polyester and blocks 95% of the light. The Premium white blackout is cotton and blocks 100% of the light.


I have a large, non-opening window (~4x4') with narrow casement windows on either side. All 3 are set into the same outer frame, though they are separated by narrow wood trim pieces. I think what I need is an inside-mount arrangement with 3 shades on 1 header. Is this possible?


If the casement is narrow, you may not be able to do an inside mount at all. You will need about 1.25"-1.5" of recessed depth in order to mount these shades inside. To see more details on our measuring, please click this link to get to our measuring guide: Additionally, we do not offer these as a 3 on 1 headrail option. You would have to order three separate shades and you can mount them side by side. If you have enough depth to inside mount, you would have to measure each section individually and order accordingly. If you choose to do an outside mount, you will just need to measure each section and add what is necessary for coverage on each section.


I don't understand the continuous cord loop. Does it have a valance at the top? I don't see any valances in any of the pictures. Do any of the Roman Blinds have valances?


No, it will not have a valance, the shade will "waterfall" off the top of the headrail. The continuous cord loop will be used instead of a traditional pull cord if you select that feature. Basically, as you pull the cord it will recycle itself around the headrail in a loop. It hangs approximately 3/4 of the shade and never grows in length like a traditional pull cord. It does allow you to lift the shade with less force if you are getting a wide shade. None of the fabric Roman shades have valances, they all waterfall off the top of the headrail. If you choose the bamboo shades, which go up in a Roman style fold, they will have a flap valance that will be visible.


when a roman shade is pulled all the way up on a window that is approx 83 wide and 52 high, about how much material will gather at the top? 12in, 18in??? i don't want all the material to take away from the window and the view we currently have.


Thanks for your question. It depends on the fold. However: Flat/Soft/European = about 7”- 8” Plain = 8”- 9”


Can you please explain the difference between flat, plain, soft and European?


If you look to the left of that option on the customization area, you will see a blue button that says, "What's This". If you click on that you will see a full description of each fold style as well as a picture of each fold style.


I can only mount roman shades from the top and sides...will this work for your shades?


These will work fine for a top mount.

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