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Roller Shades

Window roller shades dress up your windows, giving you a fun and classy look. You can use roller shades to control the light in a sunny room or to add extra shade under your soft window treatments. roller shades offer the simplicity of a classic roller shade, but with a modern twist.

The days of the plain white are gone -- our window roller shades include a wide variety of colors, materials, and weaves to fit every design and budget. Our choices of styles and colors allow you to put together a chic, contemporary look for your home. New light-blocking materials make roller shades even more effective for light control and sunlight protection. With the wide selection you will be able to find a pattern/color that will meet both your decorative and functionality needs. Roller shades are broken up into a a variety of sub-categories such as solar shades, blackout roller shades, fashion roller shades, etc.

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Roller Window Shades - Payless Decor
Payless Decor Advantage Serena Privacy Roller Shades

Advantage Serena Privacy Roller Shades

Starting from: $34.08$56.79

Our most affordable fabric roller shade

Payless Decor Advantage Solar Shades

Advantage Solar Shades

Starting from: $60.05$100.08

High-end solar shades fabrics, cut the sun, keep your view

Payless Decor Advantage Splendor Roller Shades

Advantage Splendor Roller Shades

Starting from: $38.77$64.61

Color-matched light filtering and blackout fabrics. 100% polyester

Payless Decor Reminiscent Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades

Reminiscent Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades

Starting from: $32.85$54.75

Most affordable blackout shade

Payless Decor Advantage Horizontal Sheer Zebra Shade

Advantage Horizontal Sheer Zebra Shade

Starting from: $89.91$149.84

Unique, striped style enables terrific light control capability.

Payless Decor Premier Natural Weave Roller Shades

Premier Natural Weave Roller Shades

Starting from: $76.45$127.42

Sleek roller shades with a natural look.

Payless Decor Designer Sun and Solar Shades

Designer Sun and Solar Shades

Starting from: $54.88$91.47

Produced next business day guaranteed + 'Made in the USA'! 

Payless Decor Advantage Blackout Solar Shades

Advantage Blackout Solar Shades

Starting from: $79.67$132.78

Darken your room with lush fabrics.

Payless Decor Home Basics Collection Solar Shades

Home Basics Collection Solar Shades

Starting from: $30.72$51.20

Affordable solar shade in 10% and 14% openings

Payless Decor Cordless Smooth-Lift Solar Shade

Cordless Smooth-Lift Solar Shade

Starting from: $47.25$78.75

Smooth lift system and quality white 5% solar fabric. 

Payless Decor Platinum Bamboo Roller Shades

Platinum Bamboo Roller Shades

Starting from: $100.30$167.17

Gorgeous Natural Roller shades made from Bamboo

Payless Decor Premium Corded Solar Shades

Premium Corded Solar Shades

Starting from: $47.00$78.33

High quality nickel bead lift system - 5% solar fabric. 

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