Outlet - 3/8" Corded Double Cellular Shades, Payless Decor Blind and Shade Outlet Section

Outlet - 3/8" Corded Double Cellular Shades

Get these clearance cellular shades while they last. 3/8" Double Cellular shades are terrific for light control and insulation. Each of our colors is white on the back to provide a uniform look. Each comes with a lift cord on the right hand side. 

Our stock item blinds cannot be modified or returned. However, they are guaranteed to work properly. Each blind and shade is the exact width as specified, so be sure your window is a bit larger if you are planning an inside mount, or a bit smaller if you are planning an outside mount. Nor is the warranty valid on these blinds. However, with free shipping I doubt you will find high quality blinds like this for a better price.

If you have questions about ourstock cellular shades please contact us directly at 1-800-925-4635 or paylessdecor.com/support.

Production Time: 3-5 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.

Shipping Rate: FREE

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good value, Friday, September 19, 2014

4 Stars
happy customer

Outlet had exactly the size I needed for a window in a walk in closet. Blind measured exactly as described and works just fine. These are not as nice quality as the expensive brand name blinds, but the prices are fantastic! These have plastic headrails instead of metal and the fabric seems thinner than on the brand name blinds. But, for a window where you don't want to spend lots of money this is perfect!

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Looking at ordering a number of discount cellular blinds. I understand that you do not adjust the lengths because they are discounts... but my question. Is it possible for me to shorten the length of them myself.? Are they designed like mini blinds where a person can shorten them. Or is the bottom factory sealed and cannot be shortened? Thank you Carol


While it is possible to shorten the length it would likely require a high degree of skill. We do not provide any instruction on shortening the shades, and there is a chance that you could do something that would make the shades unusable to you.


What kind of mounting brackets do these have? I have a three-panel metal french door that I would like to put these on and am wondering about attaching them.


Mounting brackets are metal. Therefore, you may have to drill through the metal for hardware and metal screws to attach properly.


Regarding your clearance cellular shades, could you describe the color pearl, is it white? also are these light filtering or block out? Thanks


The color "Pearl" is more of an "off white" color.


what is a celluar blind; please describe or explain specific feature of ths type of blind.


A cellular shade is a blind made up from a honeycomb construction. Basically it is cellular material combined to create a shade. Cell shades are also the best product to use in terms of insulating windows. Feel free to order some free samples. I have enclosed a link below... https://www.paylessdecor.com/free-samples.asp?pdin=header


What is the material these blinds are made of?


Blinds are made from polyester blended material.


I put my demensions (58" 3/4 by 45" ) it gave 3 choices but no exact dimension. Do you cut them to the exact dimmension?


If you are measuring for an outside mount, the measurements you specify will arrive exactly as you enter them. If you are doing an inside mount installation, there will be a 1/2" total deduction made to the width that you enter. That will account for the mounting hardware clearance. You can specify your measurements to the nearest 1/8" increment. However, you are looking in the Outlet section of our cell shades. This product comes only in the sizes listed and they will be exact. If you are looking for a product with more customization, I would highly recommend our Signature or Designer lines of cell shades. Here are some links to check out: http://www.paylessdecor.com/Cellular-Shades/Payless-Decor-38-Signature-Double-Cellular-Shades.asp and http://www.paylessdecor.com/Cellular-Shades/Payless-Decor-12-Designer-Cellular-Shades.asp.


I plan on mounting these on a window in the kitchen right next to the stove. How do you clean these shades?


These shades really cannot get wet, the only method for cleaning would be to used a feather duster or either a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris.

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