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Mini and micro blinds have made the transition from corporate office to the living room and beyond. Incorporating these aluminum mini blinds in your home creates the perfect union between beauty and value. Our blinds are made with premium grade aluminum for slats that provide strength and durability. By adding a size that is custom to your window, mini blinds can be used in any application while providing a consistent quality and beauty. On top of room enhancement, mini blinds fit almost any budget. We highly recommend that you also view our cordless mini blinds, which are unique within our industry and provide a high level of safety.

Custom & Cordless Mini Blinds - Payless Decor
Payless Decor Advantage 1 Cordless Mini Blinds

Advantage 1" Cordless Mini Blinds

Starting from: $37.39$62.32

No cords for children or pets to get tangled in, and easy to use.

Payless Decor 1 Standard Aluminum Miniblinds

1" Standard Aluminum Miniblinds

Starting from: $29.90$49.83

Affordable and durable - offered in a multitude of colors

Payless Decor Advantage 1 Mini Privacy Blinds

Advantage 1" Mini Privacy Blinds

Starting from: $30.90$51.50

Our Privacy Mini Biinds look great and, are priced right and get to you quickly! 4 Great Colors. .

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