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Measuring your windows when you want to purchase an item from PD Outlet

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The products in PD Stock come in set sizes. No adjustments are made. However, it is important to understand these sizes so that you ensure you purchase a window treatment that works well with your window.
Step 1. Decide whether you want an Inside Mount or an Outside Mount
An Inside Mount is mounted inside your window so that it is recessed from your wall. As such, it is important that the shade you order fits within this recessed space making width, height, and depth measurements important. Inside mounting provides an elegant clean look and is often preferred.

An Outside Mount is mounted on the outside of your window recess. It may be attached to a wall or your window frame. In this case you will likely want to ensure that your window shade covers your window completely, making the width and height measurements important. We always provide mounting parts that will work for either Inside or Outside Mount..

Measuring for an Inside Mount
For an Inside Mount you will want to ensure that the blind/shade is smaller than your window recess so that it fits and does not rub against the side. You likely will have to install your blinds to the top of your window recess since installing to the sides generally requires a custom-sized window treatment.

Measure inside mount blinds

For an outside mount you will want to ensure that the blind/shade is larger than your window recess so that it covers it completely. We generally recommend a width that is 3 to 5" greater than the width of your window for an outside mount to reduce light gaps.

Measure outside mount blinds