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Items Required:

Step 1. Decide if you want the panels to be inside or outside mount.  An inside mount will go within a recess or framework and will highlight an attractive molding, window, or doorway.  An outside mounts will hang outside the opening of a recess, either on the frame or above and beyond the frame.  If you choose outside mount, you can make a window appear larger or hide an unattractive window. Read through the entire instructions to ensure that your window or sliding glass door will work properly with the mount that you choose. Also note that while you may mount a Fabric Sliding Panel on the inside of your window, it must be ordered as an Outside Mount.

Thus, if you choose an Outside mount go to Step 2A, if Inside for Bamboo Sliding Panels go to Step 2B, or if you want to mount your Roller Sliding Panels on the Inside go to Step 2c.

Step 2A. Specifications and measuring for an Outside Mount sliding panel

When mounting your panels outside (OM) directly to the wood frame of the opening, measure the exact width and height of the wood frame itself, from outer edge to outer edge.  If you want to mount beyond the framework, we suggest adding about 6" to 8" to the width measurement and also adding a minimum of 2 1/2" to the height to allow room for clearance of the mounting brackets above the opening.

Remember to take into account at least 3/4" clearance for rugs, carpeting, flooring, etc.  Don't worry if you cannot add as much to your width as we suggest as the extra inches account for light control and gaping.  We will not add or deduct from your outside mount width and height measurements.  The panels with the track ordered for outside mount will be supplied exactly as indicated on your order.

Please note that the minimum outside mounting surface requirements are 2" of space.

Step 2B. Specifications and measuring for an Inside Mounted Woven Wood/Bamboo sliding panel

For mounting inside (IM), measure the width in at least three places as recess openings are often not even from top to bottom.  We suggest measuring at the top, middle, and bottom.  Select the smallest of these three measurements and that will become your width.  You will also measure in at least three places for the height.  We suggest the left, middle, and right.  Select the smallest of these measurements to become your height.  This product is height sensitive and you should take into account at least a 3/4" clearance for rugs, carpeting, flooring, etc.    

In order to mount panels inside, the window must be deep enough to support the mounting brackets.  The inside recess must be at least 1 5/8" to 2 1/4" minimum to support the mounting hardware.  A flush mount, when your panels are fully recessed within the opening, will require a minimum of 2 1/8" to 3 1/2" in depth. Your overall width and draw that you select will determine the number of panels that your track will have have.  Sliding panels consisting of 3, 4, 5, and 6 panels will have different depth requirements and different flush mount requirements.  If you want to know the exact number of panels or depth requirements for your specifications, you must give one of our Customer Support Specialists a call Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM EST at 1-800-925-4635.  Or, you can send us an email via our site:

Please remember to take into account any protrusions such as locks, door handles, window cranks, etc. when determining if you can successfully inside mount sliding panels.

The inside measurements will have a 1/2" width deduction made off the track width to clear the recess properly. This deduction is made for you at the manufacturing facility.  

Step 2C.
Roller Sliding Panels can be mounted on the Inside of your window recess. However, you must choose an "Outside Mount" when you order. The reason for this is that in most cases, when you choose an inside mount we take the deductions for you so that the blind/shade will fit in your window perfectly. However, with Fabric sliding panels, you must provide us with the exact measurements that you want the entire treatment. For the width we recommend providing about a 1/2" less than the width of your sliding glass door; for the height we recommend providing about 1/2" less than the top of the window to the bottom of your sliding glass door so that it does not get stuck on the carpet. This measurement will equal the height of the panels plus the tracking and mounting, so it will be your total height. *Please remember to take into account any protrusions such as locks, door handles, window cranks, etc. when determining if you can successfully inside mount sliding panels.
Additional Considerations and Specifications

*Panels will overlap to cover light gaps and provide a consistent look

*All panels for inside and outside mount will be 1 1/4" less than the specified height to account for the track.  

*The valance will be spliced when the width exceeds that of the fabric/material used.

*Valance returns and wand and cord controls are standard sizes as provided by the factory unless otherwise expressly stated when ordering and emailed to our Contact page within 12 hours of placing the order.