How To Measure: Window ShuttersPrint Now

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inside mount Inside Mount: The shutters will fit inside the recess of the window.
  1. Measure inside recess width in several places, particularly at the top of the recess. Measure inside recess height in several places.

  2. Use the exact recess measurements when estimating your prices.

  3. This general measurement should be used to obtain a quick quote. Please refer to the PDF file for accurate instructions before ordering. The Making it Easy instructions will help you step by step.

  4. Note: All inside mounted window treatments will have a standard deduction applied. Please contact us if you want to know the exact amount of this deduction.
outside mount Outside Mount: The shutters will mount on the wall surrounding the window opening.
  1. Measure outside the window opening in several places with the exact width and height that your final shutters will span.

  2. Be sure to include at least 1 inch on each side of the window opening for the shutters to mount on the wall as opposed to the inside of the window recess.