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Instructions for: Roller Shades

Items Required:

Step 1. Decide whether you want an Inside Mount or an Outside Mount
An Inside Mount is mounted inside your window so that it is recessed from your wall. As such, it is important that the shade you order fits within this recessed space making width, height, and depth measurements important. Inside mounting provides an elegant clean look and is often preferred. However, with roller shades, the fabric will be smaller than the tip-to-tip measurement so that the shade can operate properly. This will cause a small light gap on either side of the shade: 7/16" - 1/2" (unless you have window trim or drapery covering these spaces). If you would like an inside mount skip to Step 2.

An Outside Mount is mounted on the outside of your window recess. It may be attached to a wall or your window frame. In this case you will likely want to ensure that your window shade covers your window completely, making the width and height measurements important. If you are measuring for an outside mount, skip to Step 3.

Step 2. Measuring for an Inside Mount
2a) First it is important to be sure that an Inside Mount can be installed inside your window recess and whether it will be flush, or will need to come protrude slightly. Measure the depth of your window sill and look at the following requirements table:

Minimum Depth for an Inside Mount
Depth For a Flush Fit
Roller Shades
1 1/2"


2b) Now measure the width and height inside your window recess in several place, particularly at the top. We suggest that for the width you will want to measure the top, middle, and bottom. For the height you will want to measure the left, middle, and right sides of the window. Then measure the height inside your window recess in several places. (6 total measurements is ideal)

Measure inside mount blinds

2c) Often times windows are not exactly even from top to bottom. Supply us with the smallest width and height measurements to allow for a proper fit (rounded down to the nearest 1/8"). Do not make any deductions or additions to your recess width or height because we will make the necessary adjustments for you by deducting a small amount from each side to ensure that your shades fit within your window.

For example an inside mount spring roller shade that is ordered at 35" wide will have the following deductions:

-tip to tip deduction is 1/8" (34.875")
-barrel deduction is 5/8" (34.375")
-fabric deduction is 1 1/8" (33.875)

Step 3. Measuring for an Outside Mount
Take an exact width and height measurement of where you would like the shade to cover, including the headrail.

3a) For the width we recommend adding 3 to 5 inches to the size of the window to minimize light gaps.

3b) For the height you must add 2" to 4" inches to this measurement to allow space for mounting brackets and headrails above the opening and enough overlap at the bottom to avoid gaps. Mounting brackets can be up to 1 1/2". Round your desired measurements to the nearest 1/8". Different parts of the shade will come at different lengths to ensure a proper fit.

For example an outside mount spring roller shade that is ordered at 35" wide will have the following deductions:

-tip to tip deduction is 0 (35")
-barrel deduction is 1/2" (34.5")
-fabric deduction is 1" (34")

Measure outside mount blinds

3c) Lastly, ensure, that you have the correct amount of flat space necessary to mount your shades using the following table:

Minimum Flat Space Required for Outside Mount
Roller Shades