How to Install: Bamboo Shades

First: watch Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog show how easy they are to install with this quick video.

Second: Here are our step by step instructions:

 1. Mounting Preparation

Hold the shade against the window opening to determine if it is made for inside or outside installation.

Required tools: a screwdriver and pencil

Recommended tools: leveling mechanism and drill


1 x Bamboo Shade

2 x Brackets (3 for shade width 45” up)

8 x Screws (12 for shade width 45” up)

2 x Wingnuts (3 for shade width 45” up)

1 x Cleat + 2 screws

2 x Valance Returns (woven wood thin strips)

bamboo instruction image1

2. Mounting the Shade

Inside Mount – Window/Ceiling installation

An inside mounted shade is made to fit inside the window recess and will have a slight gap between the shade and window frame. Your brackets will either attach to the sides of your window casing or the top

Outside Mount – Frame/Wall/Ceiling installation

Your shade should be made to overlap the window opening and your brackets will be mounted to the frame, your wall or the ceiling above your window.

*Optional: Using glue, attach the valance returns to the left and right side of the headrail to provide coverage of the hardware or for a decorative touch.

bamboo shade mounting image 2

3. Install brackets and hang the blind

While holding the headrail mark where the shade’s brackets will attach with a pencil and drill 1/16” pilot holes into the window casing. Fix the brackets using the screws provided, wall plugs or anchors may be necessary depending on the type of surface the brackets will attach to and weight of your shade. Hang the blind with the pulley facing inwards and the valance covering the headrail. Tighten the win nuts under the headrail to secure.



4. Install the cord cleat

Secure the cord cleat in the suitable location beside the blind with the screws provided. While the blind is fitted with an auto-lock pulley it is advisable to use the cleat for any excess cord.

bamboo shade cleats


Young children may wrap cords around their neck leading to the possibility of strangulation. You are advised to knot cords out of reach of children and remove furniture from the vicinity of window cords