Platinum Collection Bamboo Folding Door, Doors and Divider Alternatives

Platinum Collection Bamboo Folding Door

Our Platinum Collection Bamboo Folding Doors are the perfect accompaniment to an open room with a natural ambience. A refined and elegant look that works whether you want to divide rooms or replace a door.  Folding doors are ideal for large windows or doors and hang vertically from hangers, which slide smoothly inside an aluminum track. The hangers are spaced approximately every four inches to create evenly spaced folds in the material. 

On each side of the folding door material are bamboo wood bars, with handles. The bamboo wood bars are a natural “carbon” color, which is a light wood tone that coordinates well with all patterns. The bars are strong, light weight and add a beautiful finishing touch to your shade.

Folding doors come in one of two configurations: One Way Opening or Center Opening.

Track Color: Brown

Tracks over 72" wide will be supplied in sections with splicers. 

NOTE: If you want the material to stack back completely clear of the window, for an unobstructed view when the door is open, allow for the width of the stack in the overall width of the door.

Production Time: 10-12 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.

Shipping Rate: FREE

  • One-way draw
  • 5% Fullness is defaulted
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes handles
  • Valances, split draw, and extra fullness are optional

    Size Limitations
    Minimum Width: 24 inches Minimum Height: 24 inches
    Maximum Width: 120 inches Maximum Height: 96 inches
    Important Information for Ordering and Installing Folding Doors

    Stacking Chart
    36" 8 ½"
    42" 9"
    48" 9 ½"
    60" 11"
    72" 12"
    84" 13"
    96" 14"
    Center Opening shades will open into two equal stacks on each side of the shade. For example a 96" Center Opening will have two stacks each the size of a 48" One Way.
    20% Fullness shades will stack approximately 1 inch wider for small shades and 1 ½ inches wider for larger shades, than a 5% Fullness shade of the same size. All stacking dimensions are approximate and will vary by pattern.
    Doors without a Valance For shades without a valance, the height of the folding door is measured from the top of the track to the bottom of the fabric.
    There is a gap approximately ¾" between the top of the track and the material. The factory will deduct this amount from the ordered length when they make fabric panel. Doors with a Valance
    For shades with a valance, the height of the folding door is measured from the top of the valance board to the bottom of the fabric. The valance board is ¾" thick and there is ¾" between the top of the track and the top of the material. The factory will deduct 1 ½" from the ordered
    length when they make the fabric panel.

    Inside Mount Measurements Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 2 inches Check for any obstructions, such as trim or handles that may interfere with the opening and closing of the door. Inside Mount Deductions:
    Width: ¼"
    Height: ¾"

    No deductions are made to the width or height of Outside Mount shades.

          NOTE: "Street Side" color for liners are as follows:

            1. Privacy White/
          2. Privacy Natural/ Natural
          3. Privacy Beige/ Off White
          4. Privacy Chocolate/ Tan
          5. Blackout Soft White / White
          6. Blackout Beige / White
          7. Blackout Chocolate/ Beige

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      Color: Lattice Twilight

      Regular Price: $370.00

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      You Save: $148.00


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      Step 2: Select a Size and Mount

      Select Width in inches [min: 20, max: 120]

      Select Height in inches [min: 24, max: 96]

      Mount Type: What's This?
      Measuring Instructions

      Inside Mount: Provide the measurements of the inside of your window recess. NOT the size you want the blind.
      Outside Mount: Provide the width and height you need the blind/shade to cover (including the headrail).
      Click here for detailed measuring instructions.

      Select Controls

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      Questions & Answers

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      Do you have a curved track. We are looking to use the accodian bamboo as a closet door - closet dimensions are approximately 78 on back wall and 55 inches on side wall - depth 22 in. but want a continuous panel around the corner. Can you do that?


      Currently this product does not come with a curved track.




      Yes, this product goes as long as 96".


      I have a sliding door that measures 120 inches wide and 80 inches long. bamboo sliding door would be mounted outside. if I order the Fullness for $25 dollars would this help it to look better. your measurement instructions says to add 3 to 6 inches for mounting outside but your widest maxs out at 120 inches


      If your door is already at the maximum of 120 inches, you will not able to add the fullness for the additional $25.00. Also, if 120 is your total width, there may be light gaps on each side of your space extends beyond 120 inches.


      I want to use this for a bedroom closet door, with a split opening. When completely opened, for a 70" wide opening, how much of the opening will be covered at each end? How much would be covered if a added the 20% fullness? Thanks.


      It is hard to be exact and it does vary by pattern. However approximately if the door has 5% fullness I would estimate that the stack will be about 6 - 7 inches on each side. I would expect about 1 1/2" more stack if the door had 20% fullness.


      How see-through how these? I am looking to use these as potential doors for a jack-and-jill bathroom set-up that has far too many doors for such a small space, and thus would like to still maintain a sense of privacy.


      Unless you add a liner, then these would not be the best option for privacy. You can see through the bamboo and would be able to see into the next room. Adding that liner will ensure privacy for the bathroom. You can always request some of our free swatches too to see these in person. Here is a link:

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