Cheap Blinds, Cheap Shades

Cheap Blinds

Looking for something that is simply less expensive than you may pay elsewhere? We have great options for you. Whether it is for an apartment or a house that you don't want to have forever, or for a window that you just don't want to pay a lot to cover, we have some great, cheap window blinds and shades. Of course, when we say 'cheap' we do not mean 'lacking quality'. Rather, these are our least expensive products that are discounted to total costs far less than you will find elsewhere. They have great warranty's and should look terrific for years.

Here is a list of our cheapest products in various categories. And if you are looking for something even cheaper, that may not be customer. Be sure to check out our outlet that has discontinued sizes and colors on clearance.

Cheap Blinds, Cheap Shades
Payless Decor 1 Standard Aluminum Miniblinds

1" Standard Aluminum Miniblinds

Starting from: $29.90$49.83

Affordable and durable - offered in a multitude of colors

Payless Decor 2 Premium Fauxwood Blinds

2" Premium Fauxwood Blinds

Starting from: $31.53$52.54

Our best value faux blinds - high durability + decorative valance.

Payless Decor Premium Bamboo Shades

Premium Bamboo Shades

Starting from: $45.82$76.36

Best price you will find on a quality custom bamboo shade!

Payless Decor Reminiscent Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades

Reminiscent Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades

Starting from: $34.59$57.64

Most affordable blackout shade

Payless Decor Advantage 1 Mini Privacy Blinds

Advantage 1" Mini Privacy Blinds

Starting from: $30.90$51.50

Our Privacy Mini Biinds look great and, are priced right and get to you quickly! 4 Great Colors. .

Payless Decor 9/16 Premium Cordless Cellular Shades

9/16" Premium Cordless Cellular Shades

Starting from: $41.80$69.67

Best price on the net for a child-safe cordless cellular shade.

Payless Decor Standard Sized Cordless Cellular Shade Bundles

Standard Sized Cordless Cellular Shade Bundles

Starting at: Sale PriceLowest Price

Payless Decor Home Basics Cordless 1 Pleated Shades

Home Basics Cordless 1" Pleated Shades

Starting from: $60.71$101.18

Simple and elegant. Cordless at no charge.

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