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Home Basics 1/2" Top Down-Bottom Up Cordless Cells

Our Home Basics 1/2" Top Down-Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades are the perfect choice if safety or ease of use are a primary concern. They are operated easily using a spring system that makes it simple to postion the shade wherever you want by raising and lowering both the top and bottom of the shade. ,Moreover, they are excellent for windows where you plan to open and close the binds frequently since operating the shades is as simple as raising or lowering the bottom rail. These types of shades are quite popular and can sell for 4 to 5X more on other sites, so buy yours today!

Production Time: 7-10 business days + 3-5 business days for shipping.

Shipping Rate: FREE

  • Unique Honeycomb construction offers insulation and sound absorbtion
  • Filters light in a pleasing manner
  • Control handle at the bottom allows for raising/lowering without touching the fabric
  • Easy Installation
  • Cordless option comes standard.
  • Material can be dusted or vacuumed with a soft brush attachment.
  • Colored fabric on both sides (facing indoors as well as the outdoors)
  • Top Down-Bottom Up comes standard
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines.
  • 3/8" deduction taken on inside mounted shades (to fit within the window)
  • minimum depth is 1.5”; flush mount is 2 1/16” 

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good bang for my $$, Sunday, April 06, 2014

5 Stars
Brian Zweegman

Order was easy, fallowed directions, submitted, received fedx a couple weeks later,. they functioned well. no complaints as of now.

Awesome quick service, Saturday, April 05, 2014

5 Stars

Fast service, great quality, and easy installation. Filters the sun light perfectly!

Great Quality for Great Price, Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 Stars

I was happy with the quality and the low prices. Easy to order and easy to install.

Questions & Answers

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Hi, I'm interested in the cordless top down bottom up shades. Can you tell me how they slide up and down? Is there a track on the side? Or are there cords running from top to bottom? How visible are those cords if so? Also, I'm curious how durable the blinds are. We have children and a dog that would probably want to sneak his head behind the blind to look out the window occasionally. Would that rip the blinds? Thanks!! Megan


Hi, they do use a cord system to slide up and down vs. tracks. It is hard to say how visible they are, but they are visible. Here is the picture a bit larger, and you can see the cords from the top of the shade to the top of the window: http://www.paylessdecor.com/itemimages/Home-Basics-12-Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Cordless-Cellular-Shades106643.jpg. As for the durability, they are durable. Your dog peaking behind will not be a problem, not should your kids pulling pushing them a bit. But your dog gnawing on them could be a whole different issue as it would for any blind or shade.


I want to order the top down/bottom up for a casement window. It seems that it will fit, even with the 'crank' arm, but just want to make sure. Have other customers used this for a casement window?


We do sell these for all types of windows. As for the crank you will just need to be sure that the bottom rail is not impeded by the crank or else the bottom rail may hang crooked, or you will be forced to keep them slightly raised.


I have a living room window that is 82" wide and 46" tall. I wanted the cordless top down/bottom up option, but see that it's only available up to 72". What do you recommend?


Unfortunately the max width is 72" for the Cordless + Top Down/Bottom Up option on this product. However if you are okay with blackout, our 3/8" Signature Blackout Double Cellular Shades offers the Cordless + Top Down/Bottom Up option up to 84" in width. I have enclosed a link below. http://www.paylessdecor.com/Cellular-Shades/Payless-Decor-38-Signature-Blackout-Double-Cellular-Shades.asp


I am interested in a sheer look in the top down/bottom up cordless cellular shade. Is this sheer look an option? If so, how do I view the sheer options and note this on the order form so that I can see the pricing? Thanks!


Unfortunately we do not have any cellular shades that have a "sheer look". All of our cell shades are either "light-filtering" or "blackout". With the top down bottom up feature, you can allow a lot of light to come into the room while still getting privacy. The light filtering would be the best option for the most sheer look, but if you want sheer shades, we do offer that product here: http://www.paylessdecor.com/Sheer-Shades/Sheer-Shades.asp


is this product my only option for a window covering that drops down from the top? and this product, does it block sunlight alot or not? thank you .


No...most of our other cell products offer top down/bottom up as an option. However if you need top down/bottom up + cordless...that is offered on this product and our 3/8" Signature Double Cell Shades (as an option).


Are the TDBU cellular shades available in double cell?


Yes,we have that option in our Premier line of cellular shades. https://www.paylessdecor.com/Cellular-Shades/Payless-Decor-Premier-38-Double-Cell-Light-Filtering.asp


Do you offer these in two on one rail configuration? I have two double hung windows side by side and would prefer two shades mounted on one rail. The exact size of the entire window is 72 1/2" wide x 58 1/2" high.


The Home Basics 1/2" Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cell Shades are not available as mulit headrail shades (2 on 1) and they are not available in the width that you need. However, I highly recommend that you order two separate shades. You can then mount them closely side by side for almost the exact same look with less stress on the headrail which will allow you to lower and raise the shade with ease and create many years of worry free use.


I like the idea of covering the lower part of my bedroom windows and leaving the top part uncovered. At night, however, I want to cover the entire window. Can these type of shades do both? Than you


Yes, as long as you provide us the entire length of your window, this top down/bottom up shade can cover any portion of your window from top to bottom. Full coverage, coverage at the top only, coverage at the bottom only, or coverage at any point in the middle only.


Is it possible to occasionally wash any of your bottom up, top down cellular shades?


The recommendation from our factory is that you simply dust the shades or use a brush attachment for a vacuum cleaner to clean the shades. However, if you were to get something on the shade, you could try to spot clean a small area. It is never recommended to immerse the shade into water or cleaning solution.

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