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Give your bedroom a personal touch
By Payless Decor
4/11/2013 9:15:00 AM  

Your bedroom should reflect you and your interests. Whether you're decorating a new home or looking to update your personal space, it's not easy to achieve a look that is "you" while still maintaining function and beauty. When trying to make a room your own, it's tempting to clutter surfaces with memorabilia. On the other hand, making your room look like it came out of a design magazine can cause it to lose originality. Here are some tips on how to find a balance.

Find inspiration
Working from a magazine or blog can be helpful in terms of keeping a theme and creating a room with features that have been approved by an interior decorator. But by copying everything to a "T", you lose originality. Find a few examples of rooms that you like from friend's houses, magazines, books or blogs. Look for a common theme - style, color or textures. Make a note of the similarities, and also of any feature that you fell in love with and strive to use these elements when decorating. 

Finding the style that appeals most to you will be part personality and part lifestyle. For example, someone who loves to keep things tidy and clean would probably love a minimalist look in the bedroom that includes lots of storage, as few pieces as possible and only a couple frames or knick-knacks on the bureaus. This doesn't mean boring - the furniture itself can be opulent in a minimalist way if it sticks to a small selection of colors.

If you're less of a cleanliness enthusiast and more of an artsy type, your ideal bedroom might be more contemporary. An imaginative bedroom might incorporate a wide array of bright colors and decorations, such as furniture found in antique shops and figurines collected with traveling. A creative person may have the sort of room that inspiration can be drawn from. No matter what style you gravitate towards, make sure it suits your life and your tastes.  We have some gorgeous rugs from Momeni in a variety of styles. 

When it comes to color, follow your gut, but with moderation. Fire engine red is great, but a room featuring it will knock your socks off every time you walk through the door. Use muted hues of your favorite color throughout your bedroom to keep it calm, or use the saturated version in accent pieces in an otherwise neutral room. Keeping a basic color scheme can help you to achieve a professional design look in your home, but don't be discouraged from utilizing an accent wall in the aforementioned fire engine red. Just plan it out carefully so you don't feel the need to paint it over in a few weeks. 

Texture is an underrated way to inject your own personality into a room. Notice the fabrics in your room - are the window treatments wood blinds or roman shades? Is there a plush rug or hardwood floors? Are your pieces perfectly polished, or is your furniture rough? Smooth surfaces tend to make a room more sterile looking than surfaces that are imperfect. Texture can be added to walls with paneling or wall hangings. However, this can make a space look smaller, so it's not advisable to panel or put tapestries up in a cozier space. Texture and pattern are easily mixed up, and can sometimes be interchangeable. Think about the amount of pattern you're putting into a room and the effect that it has on the style. You can mix and match different textures to find a balance that suits you. 

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Top 3 trends for window treatments
By Payless Decor
8/15/2012 3:54:00 PM  

Do you have bare windows that need to be covered up? If you're not sure about which types of window treatments to use to maximize your money while improving your interior decor, you may want to look to some of the hot trends in window treatments. Here are three worth considering.

1. Roman shades. These window coverings work in pretty much any setting, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a variety that matches your decor. They're a great way to add a decorative yet relaxed atmosphere to a space.

2. Bamboo blinds. Made out of one of the most sustainable resources in the world, bamboo blinds are not only attractive neutral additions to a room's style, but they're extremely durable and can reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Cellular shades. Although these aren't new to the scene, cellular shades are becoming more popular as people realize the benefits that they provide. Not only do they look clean and tailored, lending themselves to a simple aesthetic, but they provide an extra layer of insulation, which can help reduce your energy costs.

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How to clean roman shades
By Payless Decor
6/19/2012 3:30:00 PM  

Are you in love with your new roman shades? Make sure you keep your investment looking fresh with regular maintenance. And don't let the word "maintenance" scare you - with these easy steps your window coverings will last a long time.

Every week, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust or hair that's attached to the shades. This will help improve the air quality of your home and prevent your shades from becoming excessively dirty.

If you ever encounter a stain on your roman shades, it's best to spot treat the area immediately. Laundry stain removers work well, but only use them if you know the fabric can handle it. If worst comes to worst and you think your shades could use a complete washing, washable fabrics can be placed in the washing machine. Just be sure to detach the pulls and accessories first.

If your roman shades are made from materials like bamboo or non-washable fabrics,  you may need to hand-wash them or take them to a professional dry cleaner.

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Accent Your Window Treatments with Drapes!
By Rondale
2/28/2012 3:39:00 PM  

Look at your bland window treatments. Now look at the Payless Décor website. Look back at your bland window treatments. Now check out the Advantage Plus Drapery Panels. :-)

The Advantage Plus Drapery Panels are a great way to spice up your new or existing blinds/shades. They are offered in a huge assortment of colors and patterns to add a decorative touch to your window treatments. You can choose from a variety of panel styles from “grommet” to “pleated” based on individual preference.

In addition, our Advantage Plus Drapery Panels coordinate with our Advantage Plus Roman Shade fabrics. So if you are looking to match patterns/color selections, you can check out both products.

Feel free to check out our Advantage Plus Drapery Panels and our Advantage Plus Roman Shades on our website today. You also may want to order some free samples of colors that may match your new or existing window treatments.


Happy Shopping!


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Modern Pleated Shades
By Rondale
12/21/2011 1:40:00 PM  

Our 2” Solids and Textured Pleated Shade are a great product to consider for your home décor as they are stylish and offer a ton of options you can customize to your individual needs.

Offered in bold colors from “Goldenrod” to “Earthtone” color selections, you are sure to find a color that matches your décor. In addition, you can choose between a privacy liner or a blackout liner if privacy and light control is of major importance to you.

A key feature of our 2” Solids and Textured Pleated Shades is the “Cordless & Top Down/Bottom Up” feature. This feature gives you the ability to open the shade from the top down and/or from the bottom up depending on your preference. The good thing about being able to open the shade from the “top down” is it allows you to have privacy at the lower part of your window yet still be able to view out the top of the window. The cordless feature is a bonus as there is no cords to operate or get tangled. You simply use the tabs to raise and lower the shade.

If you have a double window or just prefer to be able to open part of your window at a time, you can consider the “2 on 1” headrail option which means there are 2 shades hanging from one headrail. You can operate the shades individual of each other.

If you are looking for a stylish window treatment that adds a modern twist to your décor, you may want to check out our 2” Solids and Textured Shades.


Happy Shopping!



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Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds
By Rondale
11/2/2011 3:09:00 PM  

Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds


          Looking for a decorative window treatment to cover your patio doors in style? Well look no further than our new Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds. Our Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds are a great alternative to our standard pvc vertical blinds as they have a softer texture and give a warm presence to any décor. They also provide excellent light control.

          Offered in a variety of colors, our Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds are sure to offer a color selection that matches your décor. They come standard with a matching round corner valance that gives a decorative touch to the window treatment.

          The heavy duty track system is made of sturdy aluminum and has an automatic vane realignment feature that realigns the vanes if they ever come out of place.

          The best feature of our new Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds is that they are custom-made to order and made right here in the USA! Feel free to check them out at your convenience and also order free samples of color selections you feel come closest to matching your décor.


Happy Shopping,



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Our New Advantage Plus Cordless Roman Shades: "First of it's kind!"
By Rondale
1/4/2011 12:00:00 AM  

Our New Advantage Plus Cordless Roman Shades

"First of it's kind!"

Looking for a unique window treatment for your home that is stylish yet child safe? You may want to check out our new Advantage Plus Cordless Roman Shades.  Our new Advantage Plus Cordless Roman Shades are the first custom roman shade product to have a “cordless lift” system. The cordless lift system has a smooth operation and is also child/pet safe.  

Our Advantage Plus Cordless Roman Shades are offered in a multitude of fabric styles and colors to add to the decor of any room. In addition, they are offered with a soft or plain fold. The plain fold offers a standard contemporary look. Stay pockets on the back of the shade create pleats which look great with most fabrics (plain fold is not recommended with a blackout liner as light may come through). The soft fold provides a cascading effect as it folds in 6” intervals. This adds a elegant look to your décor.

Our Advantage Plus Cordless Roman Shades also offers various lining options to ensure you have complete control of the light that enters your home.  A standard light filtering liner in your choice of white or ivory is included FREE OF CHARGE. If you wish to block light entirely, you can upgrade to a Premium Blackout Liner.

Take a look at this new innovative product today. Stylish, durable, and child-safe all wrapped into an elegant product that will match any décor. 

Happy Shopping!


Advantage Plus Cordless Roman Shade


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Free Sample It!
By Rondale
1/29/2010 2:58:00 PM  

        Let me give an example. You just purchased a new home, got new furniture, and now you need the perfect window treatments to match your home’s décor. You look at the product pictures on and are fascinated about a particular product and color. So you order it from our website, get excited when it is quickly shipped to your home, and open the package only to find that the custom-made product you ordered (while high in quality) does not match the warm ambiance you were attempting to create for your home. So what you do as a valued customer is contact us regarding your concern. Now even the good Samaritans of this world would be disappointed when they learn they are unable to return the order being that our products are custom-made to your specific needs.

        That is why we stress the importance of ordering and viewing samples prior to placing an order. We understand you look at our high quality products and are even more amazed at the low prices. But we also want you to be 100% satisfied with the finished product you receive. Our samples are the only way to accurately determine if our products are suitable for your home décor. With that being said, we highly recommend that our customers Free Sample It! before you buy. That way you can get a feel for the texture of the material and determine the best color preference. The magic word in this statement is FREE. Yes, we will ship samples to you free of charge to give you the opportunity to determine which product and/or color will match your décor.

        Now let’s rewind so I can give a more satisfying illustration. You just purchased a new home, got new furniture and now you need the perfect window treatments to match your home’s décor. You look at the product pictures on and are fascinated about a particular product and color. So you place an order for several of our free samples on our website to determine which product/color matches your home décor. You find a product sample you like so you place an order on our website. You get excited when it is quickly shipped to your home and even more ecstatic when you see the high quality products were custom-made to your needs at a cost that didn’t damage the wallet.

        That is the type of experience we want you to have with our products. So before you place an order…Free Sample It! And feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have (800-925-4635).


Happy Shopping!




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Roman Shade 2009 Voluntary Recall
By seth
12/17/2009 8:36:00 AM  

Shade and Blind safety has been an important topic for the last 10 years. Within the Window Treatment industry, we strive to constantly make our product safer and offer more utility to our customers. On December 15, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) are announcing today a voluntary recall to repair all Roman shades. To view this release click here.

What this recall means, is that anyone who purchased a Roman Shade from Payless Decor is eligible for a retro-kit to make his/her Roman Shades cordless and child-safe. Click here to access and order this kit.

If you have a young child and are considering a window treatment optiion, we strongly urge you to consider a cordless option.

9/16" Cellular Shades

3/8" Double Cellular Shades

1/2" Cordless Cellular Shades

3/4" Cordless Cellular Shades

3/4" Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades

Premium Roller Shades


However, if you do want a corded option, Payless Decor's products adhere to the latest safety regulations: All blinds have multiple cords standard (as opposed to loops) and cord cleats to tie the cords away from children. For blinds and shades with a cord-loop or continuous cord, we offer tension tie-down devices so that the cords can be pulled taut.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us so that we can help you choose the option that is right for you. And if you are a previous customer and have lost your cord cleat or tension device let us know so we can work to get you one.



The Payless Decor Team

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