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How To Attach a Fauxwood Valance Clip
By Jenn Lord
9/18/2013 2:49:00 PM  

All of Payless Decor's wood and faux wood window blinds will come with a valance.  This valance will hide the metal portion of the headrail of the blind and the mounting brackets used in installation.  It will make the overall appearance much sleeker and more elegant.  We also sell the Premium Fauxwood Valance separately on our website here:  Please note that this valance will only attach to the headrail of a 2" fauxwood blind.  It will not fit over a vertical blind or any blind with a large headrail or track system.  Read below to see how to attach your fauxwood valance clips quickly and easily. 

On the back side of the valance you will see a groove. The clips you have received to attach the valance over the headrail are going to be small clear "hidden" valance clips.  They do not wrap around the valance.  

valance clip instructions

Valance clip

You will twist each clip into the back groove.

Valance 2 Instruction


The open portion of the valance clip is what will be pointing toward the base of the valance as this is what will latch onto the headrail.



Attach the clips evenly spaced over the length of the valance.  You will not need a lot of these clips.  In most cases 2 will do the trick. 


Now you are ready to hang the valance on the headrail of your 2" Premium blind.


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Drapery to Bamboo Switcheroo
By Seth
5/28/2013 11:18:00 AM  
Check out Alison's neat entry outlining her big switch from Drapery to Bamboo at her crafty weeks blog. She has a neat etsy shop too!

Before with curtains

After Bamboo Roman Blinds

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Is an outside mount right for your windows?
By Payless Decor
6/20/2012 3:39:00 PM  

When you're buying custom window shades, you have the option of hanging them either inside or outside of the window frame. An inside mount offers a tidy look, but outside mounts also have certain benefits that you might be interested in.

For starters, outside mounts are good for windows that aren't quite even. If the top of the window is narrower than the bottom, you might call attention to it by mounting a shade on the inside of the frame, which probably isn't what you're trying to accomplish!

Outside mounts can also help hide older windows that have seen better days. An outside mount can even make the window appear larger, which could impact the way your room looks. For example, if you have a smaller space that's a lot taller than it is wide, you can add visual width with an outside mount that makes the window appear wider.

There are times when there is not enough depth to mount your window treatment inside in a window. Or if you have double-hung windows it is possible that there is no depth at all. In these cases you may be forced to mount out blinds on the outside.

Depending on your window configuration and requirements for light control in your room, an inside mounted blind may have a light gap that lets in unwanted light. In these cases you may want to evaluate an outside mounted blind that is 5 or 6 inches wider than your window. 

A shorter ceiling can also make a room look small, but you can lengthen the room by mounting the shades a couple inches above the frame of the window. Once you've made the decision to choose an outside mount for your discount blinds, you may never go back to inside mounts!

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How To Troubleshooting Wood Blinds
By Ron and Jie
8/16/2010 10:41:00 AM  

How To Troubleshooting Wood Blinds

This how to explains how to fix your venetian wood or faux wood blinds when the lift mechanism is stuck. 

  1. Face the front of the blind toward you. Look for the pull cord mechanism located on the right side of the blind.


  2. The back of the pull cord mechanism should be in the center of the hole.



      3. Once it is centered, check the cord mechanism from the top of the headrail. Make sure the cord mechanism is secured tight to the headrail.



        4. Check to see if the small hardware piece (circled below) is locked in place. It should be at the bottom of the cord mechanism.




        1. This is the correct position it should be in.



        If you need further assistance, please email us with any questions or concerns at





        The Payless Décor Team


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        Categories: Blind Installation, Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, How To
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