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Add a vintage flair to your living space
By Julie
10/22/2014 11:33:00 AM  

When it comes to design, old is always new.  Whether you are in the mood for eclectic, traditional, vintage modern, mid-century modern, shabby chic or just about any other style, classic vintage pieces can be easily found at flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, and even the attic. These great additions to your space help express your personality and style while honoring the past. The secret is in the balance.

Here are a few ways to infuse the past into your home to give it an antiquated feel.

Stay Unique
Fill your home with vintage pieces that define you and your personal style. Don’t shy away from bright colors, as they balance your palette and pull together the space. Rich dark colors on the walls and furniture creates the perfect backdrop for vivid, contrasting moments throughout, so you can greet your guests with comfort while presenting decor that is undoubtedly your own.

A dresser with a distressed finish and mismatched drawer knobs, in Shabby chic style.

Lights, camera, action
Old movie posters are a great way to bring vintage aesthetics to your living room. You may want to pick a few of your favorite classics like Gone With the Wind or Casablanca, or you can choose a foreign film that has great artwork. You can check online vendors like Amazon or look through eBay for people selling their private collections. Frame your finds in an antique frame that matches your faux wood blinds or pick a slick new one that mixes the old with the new.

Go Boho
Are you drawn to all things eclectic, colorful and unique in both your fashion statements and your home? Boho chic means using a little creativity and whatever one has on hand like mix-and-match fabric patterns, antique mirrors, specialty lighting fixtures, brightly hued candles and travel-themed accessories. Creating a boho chic decor is fairly simple, and the result is an eclectic decor with a bohemian stylish flair.

Rust is a must
Many times if your decorations get rusty that isn't a good sign, but if you go antique shopping sometimes finding old appliances that are covered in rust gives them a timeless feel that can complement your home. Unfortunately, rust can cause a mess so you may want to put any antiques on some decorative lace, or perhaps reserve them for great lawn ornaments.

"Barnstar" anchor plate

Incorporating vintage decor to your living space can also be great for your budget. Who doesn't love a beautiful bargain?

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How to Best Clean Your Faux Wood Blinds
By Payless Decor
9/3/2014 8:25:00 AM  

How to Best Clean Your Faux Wood Blinds 

Clean Faux Wood BlindsWe all try to keep our spaces neat and clean, but it’s no secret some areas of our homes are often neglected when we break out the sponges and mops. Baseboards and ceiling fans often fall victim—along with those pesky cobwebs in high ceiling corners—but few of these places are more frustrating and difficult to clean than the blinds.

They may look great, but trying to really clean those nice faux wood blinds properly can be a big headache. Luckily, with the help of a few products and tips you can be on your way to dust-free shades all year round.

Many people often make the mistake of dropping their wood blinds (real or not) into a bathtub full of water to soak away all the dust and grime. This may seem like the easiest solution, but soaking real or faux wood blinds can permanently ruin them. Dipping them for a minute or two might be safe, but it’s easy to walk away and forget about them. Instead, it’s better to leave them hanging to clean them off.


Step 1: Dust

Feather Duster

First, you’ll need to dust your blinds using a soft cloth or feather duster. Many vacuum cleaner attachments also work well for this, or you can buy a blind duster to easily clean between the slats. If your blinds have a significant amount of dust build-up, you can use a cloth dipped in a mild vinegar and water mixture to remove tough grime.

Step 2: Clean

Cleaning SuppliesAfter removing all the dust from the blinds, you can create a cleaning solution by mixing water with a mild detergent. Soak a cloth in the detergent and wring it out until it’s just damp,because you don’t want water warping your blinds. Clean each blind slat on both sides thoroughly with the cleaning solution until all the dirt is removed. You can also clean the cords the same way.


Step 3: Rinse

Rinse the blinds with a cloth soaked in just water, and then dry them. You can either open the windows to let them dry naturally, use a soft cleaning cloth to dry them off by hand or use a portable or ceiling fan to speed the process along. If your blinds are spotted with tough stains, you can blot them with soap and warm water until the stain disappears. 

Step 4: Dry

Once your blinds are clean and dry, you can wipe them down with dryer sheets to reduce static cling and help repel dust. After giving your blinds a good, deep cleaning, it will be easier to keep them clean on a regular basis. Keeping your blinds dusted once a month will only take a few minutes of your time, but it will keep you from needing to deep clean them more than a couple of times each year. 

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How To Attach a Fauxwood Valance Clip
By Jenn Lord
9/18/2013 2:49:00 PM  

All of Payless Decor's wood and faux wood window blinds will come with a valance.  This valance will hide the metal portion of the headrail of the blind and the mounting brackets used in installation.  It will make the overall appearance much sleeker and more elegant.  We also sell the Premium Fauxwood Valance separately on our website here:https://www.paylessdecor.com/Blind-Parts/Payless-Decor-Faux-Wood-Decorative-Crown-Valance.asp.  Please note that this valance will only attach to the headrail of a 2" fauxwood blind.  It will not fit over a vertical blind or any blind with a large headrail or track system.  Read below to see how to attach your fauxwood valance clips quickly and easily. 

On the back side of the valance you will see a groove. The clips you have received to attach the valance over the headrail are going to be small clear "hidden" valance clips.  They do not wrap around the valance.  

valance clip instructions

Valance clip

You will twist each clip into the back groove.

Valance 2 Instruction


The open portion of the valance clip is what will be pointing toward the base of the valance as this is what will latch onto the headrail.



Attach the clips evenly spaced over the length of the valance.  You will not need a lot of these clips.  In most cases 2 will do the trick. 


Now you are ready to hang the valance on the headrail of your 2" Premium blind.


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What are the benefits of faux wood blinds?
By Payless Decor
8/20/2012 3:51:00 PM  

If you're trying to decide on blinds and shades for your home, you may have come across the option of faux wood blinds. While they look like real wood, they can actually be made from a combination of different ingredients, some of which don't include wood at all. So what are the benefits of using faux wood blinds in your home as opposed to real wood blinds?

First of all, faux wood blinds are just as attractive as wooden blinds, lending your home a warm, natural vibe that will meld with any design scheme. It's a great neutral material that can help ground a room that's full of light colors or bold decorations.

Faux wood blinds are also resistant to warping, cracking or fading, unlike real wood that can be susceptible to damage from the elements. In rooms with excessive sunshine or humidity, like a sunny bathroom, these blinds won't lose attractiveness over time. They're also very easy to clean, as they can handle getting wet without becoming compromised.

Finally, faux wood blinds are often less expensive than real wood alternatives, and who wouldn't want that? Today's varieties are often made of recycled ingredients as well, making them more eco-friendly than their wooden counterparts.

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How to give your team a shout-out without being too loud
By Payless Decor
8/16/2012 4:36:00 PM  

Football season is approaching, and if you're more than excited to settle down in front of the TV to cheer on your favorite team, you might be interested in showing off your team spirit through your interior decor. But unless you're a 20-something dude who's cool with bar-room style, you're probably looking for something that's a bit subtler than larger-than-life team logos and bold primary colors. Here are a few ideas for how to give your team a shout-out without making guests question your tastes.

1. Don't hold back in kids' rooms. If your son or daughter is a sports fanatic, it's okay to let that shine through, but there are still attractive ways to do it. While having a theme is a great way to make a child's bedroom look cohesive, you don't want it to overwhelm the space. In addition to a few posters or pieces of sports memorabilia, try sticking to using the team's colors on just the fabric in the room. For example, bedding could be red, white and blue if your son loves the Patriots, or a fabric headboard like this one from MarthaStewart.com in purple and black would be perfect for a girl who likes the Ravens.

2. Use your own color interpretations. Most team colors tend to be fairly simple. They usually involve some combination of colors from the rainbow, silver or gold or black and white. But you know there are plenty of shades in between, which is why you shouldn't feel limited by primary picks. Feel free to use maroon and canary window treatments to cover your faux blinds instead of loud red and yellow, or pick forest or pastel green instead of straight-up green.

3. Realize that prints can be your friends. You don't have to choose throw pillows, curtains and blankets with football patterns or team logos that you bought from the NFL store to show your pride. Any type of print, whether it's stripe, floral, zig zag, paisley or polka dot, can be reminiscent of your favorite team as long as the colors match. It suggests allegiance without proclaiming an obsession.

4. Mix in other elements. If you chose to use your team's colors in your decor, that doesn't mean the entire space has to be full of the same two or three hues. Not only is that overwhelming and monotonous, but it's not a sign of tasteful design. Use neutral colors (add in wood blinds perhaps) or metallics to anchor brighter colors, and don't be afraid to bring in other shades as accents that don't necessarily match the scheme. As long as they're complementary, they'll still work.

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How to measure an inside mount for blinds
By Payless Decor
7/23/2012 10:34:00 AM  

Gearing up to buy a set of faux wood blinds or any other type of window treatment for one of your rooms? Nice choice! Now you'll just need to figure out where you want the blinds to be mounted and how big you'll need them to be. If you want a fitted look, an inside mount might be your best option. Here's how to get an accurate measurement.

Before you get to work with that measuring tape, keep in mind that you need to be as precise as possible. Keep your measurements to the nearest eighth of an inch - don't round up. Also, be sure that when you're recording the numbers, you note which is length and which is width. It's easy to get them mixed up!

Now, measure the width by taking measurements at the top, middle and bottom of the window frame - not all windows are perfectly square. Record the smallest measurement. Now, do the same with the height, measuring from the left, right and center. Record the tallest measurement. These figures are what you'll need to provide for custom window coverings.

It is also important to measure the depth or your window recess to ensure that the mounting brackets of the blind or shade you are considering can be mounted properly within you window recess. You'll find the specific depth requirements for each of our products on their respective product pages. 

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How To Troubleshooting Wood Blinds
By Ron and Jie
8/16/2010 10:41:00 AM  

How To Troubleshooting Wood Blinds

This how to explains how to fix your venetian wood or faux wood blinds when the lift mechanism is stuck. 

  1. Face the front of the blind toward you. Look for the pull cord mechanism located on the right side of the blind.


  2. The back of the pull cord mechanism should be in the center of the hole.



      3. Once it is centered, check the cord mechanism from the top of the headrail. Make sure the cord mechanism is secured tight to the headrail.



        4. Check to see if the small hardware piece (circled below) is locked in place. It should be at the bottom of the cord mechanism.




        1. This is the correct position it should be in.



        If you need further assistance, please email us with any questions or concerns at customersupport@paylessdecor.com.





        The Payless Décor Team


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