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Cozy Up For Christmas
By Payless Decor
12/3/2014 8:25:00 AM  

Cozy Up for Christmas

When you think of the winter, you likely think of staying warm from the cold. Cozying up next to the fire, snuggling in a warm blanket and drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. With predictions of another frigid winter, you can keep your home warm in both temperature and ambiance with a few simple additions. Read on to discover unique ways you can make your abode cozy this cold season.

One way to keep your home feeling toasty is to add a woodsy element. An easy way to achieve this is with wood window blinds. Not only do they provide elegance and warmth to cozy up a space, they also add a unique style to any room, especially a bedroom or living room. This look can be supplemented by hanging up heavy drapes for an even more decorative and inviting aura.

Since energy bills are usually higher in the winter months, you’ll definitely want to reduce your bill anyway you can. Blackout cellular shades are perfect for those who are more practical but still want sophistication. They protect against heat loss in winter. Windows are the source of the most wasted energy inside the home so these shades are a must. A bonus? They’re cordless, making for extremely easy opening and closing. Try to choose rich colors that evoke feelings of tranquility and safety. Colors like amber, espresso or vanilla will make you feel like you’re in winter oasis. Reds and yellows are also good choices— just be sure to stick to mellow tones of each.

If drapes or blinds aren’t for you, there are other options— shades or sliding panels, for instance, add a sophisticated and distinct vibe to your windows. This unexpected element can keep you warm both functionally and visually. Try Roman window shades, which combine fabric and the easily operated shades, for an elegant touch, or bamboo shades for a trendy touch. The latter will lie flat against the window and can then be rolled up to allow more light to shine through. They also bring the beauty of nature indoors with rich textures, beautiful colors and natural style.

Window decorations aren’t the only way to spruce up your home. Instead of having a cold, bare floor, think about placing rugs underneath coffee tables in neutral colors or ones that pop. One key to picking rugs— or any object used for decoration— is to pick ones with a color that doesn’t stimulate but makes you feel secure. That means a vibrant, lime green rug wouldn’t be the wisest choice for warm, wintery decor. Instead, look for colors in browns and maroon reds, like the drapes. A jute rug, braided in pattern and great for big spaces, lends to feelings of comfort and security. Additionally, these rugs are eco-friendly and can easily be cleaned from spills or melting snow.

In addition to using blankets and sweaters to stay warm this winter, a few key household accessories can really help provide that cozy, inviting feeling that everyone looks forward to when they visit family over the holidays.


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Give your bedroom a personal touch
By Payless Decor
4/11/2013 9:15:00 AM  

Your bedroom should reflect you and your interests. Whether you're decorating a new home or looking to update your personal space, it's not easy to achieve a look that is "you" while still maintaining function and beauty. When trying to make a room your own, it's tempting to clutter surfaces with memorabilia. On the other hand, making your room look like it came out of a design magazine can cause it to lose originality. Here are some tips on how to find a balance.

Find inspiration
Working from a magazine or blog can be helpful in terms of keeping a theme and creating a room with features that have been approved by an interior decorator. But by copying everything to a "T", you lose originality. Find a few examples of rooms that you like from friend's houses, magazines, books or blogs. Look for a common theme - style, color or textures. Make a note of the similarities, and also of any feature that you fell in love with and strive to use these elements when decorating. 

Finding the style that appeals most to you will be part personality and part lifestyle. For example, someone who loves to keep things tidy and clean would probably love a minimalist look in the bedroom that includes lots of storage, as few pieces as possible and only a couple frames or knick-knacks on the bureaus. This doesn't mean boring - the furniture itself can be opulent in a minimalist way if it sticks to a small selection of colors.

If you're less of a cleanliness enthusiast and more of an artsy type, your ideal bedroom might be more contemporary. An imaginative bedroom might incorporate a wide array of bright colors and decorations, such as furniture found in antique shops and figurines collected with traveling. A creative person may have the sort of room that inspiration can be drawn from. No matter what style you gravitate towards, make sure it suits your life and your tastes.  We have some gorgeous rugs from Momeni in a variety of styles. 

When it comes to color, follow your gut, but with moderation. Fire engine red is great, but a room featuring it will knock your socks off every time you walk through the door. Use muted hues of your favorite color throughout your bedroom to keep it calm, or use the saturated version in accent pieces in an otherwise neutral room. Keeping a basic color scheme can help you to achieve a professional design look in your home, but don't be discouraged from utilizing an accent wall in the aforementioned fire engine red. Just plan it out carefully so you don't feel the need to paint it over in a few weeks. 

Texture is an underrated way to inject your own personality into a room. Notice the fabrics in your room - are the window treatments wood blinds or roman shades? Is there a plush rug or hardwood floors? Are your pieces perfectly polished, or is your furniture rough? Smooth surfaces tend to make a room more sterile looking than surfaces that are imperfect. Texture can be added to walls with paneling or wall hangings. However, this can make a space look smaller, so it's not advisable to panel or put tapestries up in a cozier space. Texture and pattern are easily mixed up, and can sometimes be interchangeable. Think about the amount of pattern you're putting into a room and the effect that it has on the style. You can mix and match different textures to find a balance that suits you. 

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Four tips for decorating with stripes
By Payless Decor
10/12/2012 4:24:00 PM  

Solid colors are great and all, but don't you think they're kind of boring for use throughout an entire room? Sure, colorblocking is a huge trend in the fashion world, but there's a reason why patterns exist - they help shake things up when it comes to interior design. One of the most notable patterns, which you probably have a lot of experience with already, is stripes. If you're buying bamboo blinds or wood blinds, or even have a room with wood-paneled walls, you might already have touches of these dynamic lines. But if you want even more stripiness, consider these tips to make them work with your current decor.

1. Make stripes the accents. You probably know that an entire room full of stripes would be a lot busier than any space should ever be. Avoid using too many stripes in your design plan - it's much easier (and better looking) to use them as accent patterns that add pops of pizzazz to the area.

2. Don't play around too much with the scale. When it comes to using patterns in rooms, there's one golden rule that should always be followed, and it has to do with size. Basically, prints that are large belong in rooms that are big, while patterns that are small should be placed in rooms that are tiny. Think about it - if you put an item with huge stripes in a small room, you'd probably have a lot of trouble focusing on anything else. And if you placed a petite print in a large room, you'd barely notice it.

3. Get creative with other patterns. Stripes are great on their own, but if you want to create an eclectic space with plenty of surprises, you might want to mix in a few other patterns, like polka dots, zig zags or florals. As long as something is similar in each piece, they should blend well. That could be a similar color palette, texture or size.

4. Realize that the choice between horizontal and vertical is important. You might not care either way, but there are reasons why you should pay attention to whether you're using vertical or horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes can help make a room feel taller, which might come in handy if you have low ceilings. Horizontal stripes can widen a space, making it seem bigger. Maybe using both would make your room look huge!


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How to make a nautical-themed living room
By Payless Decor
8/29/2012 5:17:00 PM  

Even if you don't live beachside, consider adding a nautical theme to your living space to establish a refreshing atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the open seas. With a few of these helpful tips you'll be feeling the ocean breeze in no time.

Nautical-ize Your Furniture

Most of your furniture and appliances can be remodeled in order to make seem fit for the sea. HGTV suggests wrapping hemp twine around your lamp with some super glue in order to infuse your lighting with a nautical feel. You may also want to add beach-themed throw pillows to your couch that have images of starfish and old wooden vessels embroidered on them.

Decorations From a Ship

You can adorn your walls with great accent pieces that look as though they were taken from a ship. You should check your local antique shops or look online to find old steering wheels that were used to control the rudder. You may want to sand them down and apply a fresh coat of varnish to give them that refined and antiquated feel. These will perfectly match bamboo window shades.

No nautical theme is complete without anchors. You may be able to acquire an old metallic anchor that will look great leaning on your hearth or take up space in a vacant corner. You can get a wallpaper border that has images of anchors as well.


Seashells are visually appealing and inexpensive - just wait for your next trip to the beach! A good way to display your shells is to put them in a decorative dish that is filled with sand. You can also create a shell collage by gluing them onto a piece of canvas and hanging it on your wall.


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What are the benefits of faux wood blinds?
By Payless Decor
8/20/2012 3:51:00 PM  

If you're trying to decide on blinds and shades for your home, you may have come across the option of faux wood blinds. While they look like real wood, they can actually be made from a combination of different ingredients, some of which don't include wood at all. So what are the benefits of using faux wood blinds in your home as opposed to real wood blinds?

First of all, faux wood blinds are just as attractive as wooden blinds, lending your home a warm, natural vibe that will meld with any design scheme. It's a great neutral material that can help ground a room that's full of light colors or bold decorations.

Faux wood blinds are also resistant to warping, cracking or fading, unlike real wood that can be susceptible to damage from the elements. In rooms with excessive sunshine or humidity, like a sunny bathroom, these blinds won't lose attractiveness over time. They're also very easy to clean, as they can handle getting wet without becoming compromised.

Finally, faux wood blinds are often less expensive than real wood alternatives, and who wouldn't want that? Today's varieties are often made of recycled ingredients as well, making them more eco-friendly than their wooden counterparts.

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How to give your team a shout-out without being too loud
By Payless Decor
8/16/2012 4:36:00 PM  

Football season is approaching, and if you're more than excited to settle down in front of the TV to cheer on your favorite team, you might be interested in showing off your team spirit through your interior decor. But unless you're a 20-something dude who's cool with bar-room style, you're probably looking for something that's a bit subtler than larger-than-life team logos and bold primary colors. Here are a few ideas for how to give your team a shout-out without making guests question your tastes.

1. Don't hold back in kids' rooms. If your son or daughter is a sports fanatic, it's okay to let that shine through, but there are still attractive ways to do it. While having a theme is a great way to make a child's bedroom look cohesive, you don't want it to overwhelm the space. In addition to a few posters or pieces of sports memorabilia, try sticking to using the team's colors on just the fabric in the room. For example, bedding could be red, white and blue if your son loves the Patriots, or a fabric headboard like this one from MarthaStewart.com in purple and black would be perfect for a girl who likes the Ravens.

2. Use your own color interpretations. Most team colors tend to be fairly simple. They usually involve some combination of colors from the rainbow, silver or gold or black and white. But you know there are plenty of shades in between, which is why you shouldn't feel limited by primary picks. Feel free to use maroon and canary window treatments to cover your faux blinds instead of loud red and yellow, or pick forest or pastel green instead of straight-up green.

3. Realize that prints can be your friends. You don't have to choose throw pillows, curtains and blankets with football patterns or team logos that you bought from the NFL store to show your pride. Any type of print, whether it's stripe, floral, zig zag, paisley or polka dot, can be reminiscent of your favorite team as long as the colors match. It suggests allegiance without proclaiming an obsession.

4. Mix in other elements. If you chose to use your team's colors in your decor, that doesn't mean the entire space has to be full of the same two or three hues. Not only is that overwhelming and monotonous, but it's not a sign of tasteful design. Use neutral colors (add in wood blinds perhaps) or metallics to anchor brighter colors, and don't be afraid to bring in other shades as accents that don't necessarily match the scheme. As long as they're complementary, they'll still work.

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Get your blinds parts here!
By Cherri
5/10/2012 1:36:00 PM  

We are happy to announce you can now purchase specific blind parts for your blind/shade repair or replacement!  For instance, if your pet (or kid) climbs on the back of your sofa and decides to make a chew toy out of the cords on your beautiful roman style bamboo shades.  Luckily, you can now replace the string by going directly to our web page and clicking on “blind parts” on the main page.  Easy instructions are also on this site on “how to re-string bamboo shades.”  Hopefully, this may never happen, but it’s reassuring to know you won’t have to live with “chewed” cords.

You’ve taken down your horizontal faux or basswood blinds to paint the room or have windows washed.  Now it’s time to hang the blinds again, only you find that the valance clips are nowhere to be found (we get calls on this one all the time).  Valance clips are now available for sale in sets of 3.

Last, but not least, we now offer Custom Crown Valances.  Say, for example, you would like to do inside mount blinds, but would prefer to have a valance on the outside trim of your window with side returns.  Now you have a chance to be creative without spending a lot of extra cash.

Cords and Valances come in a variety of colors to match your existing window treatments. Shipping is FREE.

Whatever the reason you may need to replacement parts for your blinds – we’ve got them!

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True designer quality real-wood window coverings
By Cherri
3/30/2012 10:27:00 AM  

Great News! Payless Décor is proud to announce an exciting new addition to our Real Wood Horizontal Blind Collection.  Our 2” Elite Wood Blinds are hand-crafted from the finest North American basswood.  Premium finishes add warmth and enhance the character of the wood while providing UV protection against fading or color change. 

These beautiful blinds are custom made to specifications for a perfect fit for each window.  You can even further personalize blinds with design options such as valance styles, decorative cloth tapes, rounded corners, and the “routeless” option (no holes).

Blinds are designed for a lifetime of beauty, function and durability.

Other Distinct Features include:


    * Custom made blind shipped in 4 business days after your order is placed

    * Matching wand, cord, ladders and wood tassels for a premium look.

    * Lift and tilt control location options

    * Finished ends of slats for a beautiful blind from every view

    * 3.25” royal crown valance for extra light blocking

    * Multiple no charge and upgrade valance options

    * UV protected finish to prevent fading and color change

    * Thicker cord used to prevent fraying and increased life of the blind

    * Compliant with the American National Standards Institute for the Safety of Corded Window Products


Check out these blinds on our web site today! 

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Curtain Rod Selection
By Cherri
2/29/2012 12:39:00 PM  

Curtain Rod Selection



When it comes to decorating the home, most people think of the most obvious; the style of the room, the paint, the furniture, window curtains etc. When it comes to curtain rods or Drapery poles, we sometimes overlook how important of a product they actually are. There are many varieties to choose from depending on the style of your room and the fabric of the curtains that is used. Whatever your personal taste might be, a curtain rod can be that special accessory which finishes off the look of the window. Using the right curtain rod can compliment your decor by adding that special touch to your window treatments.

Curtain rods are literally what hold the entire window treatment together. Our unique rods are available in a range of materials and styles including metal, wood and polymer. The right curtain rod will enable you to enhance your curtains if chosen correctly. Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing your curtain rods.

First of all, you need to determine the place where you are supposed to mount the curtain rods. This in turn shall vary with the type of curtain you are employing. Few curtain types look good if hung above the window frame, whereas many are hung within the window frame.

Secondly, you need to decide upon the design and style of the curtain rod. As curtain rods are available in a large variety, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Choose a decorative rod if the rods are to be mounted above the window frame. Or select a traverse rod if you are hanging curtains which are closed with a chord. In addition, it is also recommended to evaluate the material of the rod. Ensure that the rod is made of a good quality material and suits the climate you live in. Whether you are aware of the fact or not; cold, heat, dust, and humidity are all known to affect curtain rods. In addition, also check that the curtain rods you select match well with the furnishings of the room.

Thirdly, you need to decide upon the size spacer you wish to employ. However, this typically depends on the type of curtains you are hanging. Rings and hooks are the two most common types of spacers employed.

Lastly, you need to select the finials for the curtain rods. Finials are nothing but decorative pieces which are attached to both the ends of the rod. You will be pleased to know that our rods come with finials included!



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How To Troubleshooting Wood Blinds
By Ron and Jie
8/16/2010 10:41:00 AM  

How To Troubleshooting Wood Blinds

This how to explains how to fix your venetian wood or faux wood blinds when the lift mechanism is stuck. 

  1. Face the front of the blind toward you. Look for the pull cord mechanism located on the right side of the blind.


  2. The back of the pull cord mechanism should be in the center of the hole.



      3. Once it is centered, check the cord mechanism from the top of the headrail. Make sure the cord mechanism is secured tight to the headrail.



        4. Check to see if the small hardware piece (circled below) is locked in place. It should be at the bottom of the cord mechanism.




        1. This is the correct position it should be in.



        If you need further assistance, please email us with any questions or concerns at customersupport@paylessdecor.com.





        The Payless Décor Team


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