Tips for decorating your teen's room
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Tips for decorating your teen's room
By Payless Decor
4/16/2013 5:44:00 PM

Teenagers can be tricky to plan for and they often tend to like things their way. However, with a little compromise, you can still get what's best for both you and them.

Reflecting and fostering maturity
It's a good idea to make your teen's room feel more mature than it was when he or she was a child. With more and more teenagers tuning to home improvement and decoration shows for inspiration, you might be able to co-create a stylish new look for your teen's room, notes This means letting your teen make a lot of the choices about what color walls and decorations he or she will have  (though you, of course, have the final say). While pink and yellow may be great for a little girl's bedroom, by the time she reaches her teenage years, she'll likely want to update the color scheme.  

You can still use many of the typical ideas that you might start a girl's room with if you update them a little bit. Flowers, for instance, are a staple of many girls' bedrooms and they still can be. Instead of using cartoon-style flowers, try going for a more realistic look. There are many wallpapers and patterns that use flowers that there are colors to please just about every taste. 

Boys' rooms can be so simple as to be confusing. Most young men aren't thinking too much about how their rooms looks (they're probably more concerned about whether or not there's a TV in it). You may want to give them a few tips to help them create a decor that fosters a calming and thoughtful feel, which can help with homework. If your teenaged son likes video games and music, HGTV suggests going all out and mounting TVs right on the wall.

Many teens are going to want a lot of the same things in their rooms: laptops, TVs and powerful speakers. While it's your choice to allow those in or not, here are a few ideas that might go well in most teen's rooms.

One accessory that all teens will thank you for are thick, light-blocking blinds and shades. Many teenagers love sleeping above all else, and if the light is held off by thick pleated shades or roman shades, they can enjoy the luxury of sleeping in late. 

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