Blackout Shades and Room Darkening Blinds

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades aka Room Darkening shades are opaque meaning no light is let through. Blackout shades are excellent for bedrooms, home theater rooms, or even basements for insulation purposes.

Many of our blinds with slats are room darkening, but may not be completely blackout as light may peer through the slats or the holes in the slats slightly. Thus, if you choose this type of blind, and you want to reduce the light that comes in from the outside, you may want to ensure it is routeless, meaning the slats do not have any holes in them.

In addition, if you truly want to darken your room we recommend you get an outside mount blind that is 4-6" larger in width and height than your window. Keep in mind for inside mounted windows light make come in through the gaps on the sides, the less gap there is, the less light will come through.

Here are our recommended selections:

Blind with slat - room darkening options:

Designer Wood Blinds - routeless option additioinal
Designer Faux Wood Blinds- routeless option additional
Advantage Privacy Mini Blind - automatically routeless mini blind

Shades made from opaque light blocking material:

Cellular Shades - some of our cellular shades automatically add a blackout backing:

Advantage 9/16" Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades

3/4" Designer Cellular Shades Blackout

Roller Shades - certain fabrics are made with a backing that is opaque

Advantage Blackout Roller Shades - all of this collection is made with a blackout backing

Designer Sun and Solar Shades - Choose Syle 7000 for a blackout fabric
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