Benefits of Bamboo Blinds

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  1. Trends in Decorating with Bamboo Shades
  2. The Hidden Benefits of Bamboo Shades
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Trends in Decorating with Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is very durable and is able to withstand many weather conditions. Because of this fact many furniture manufacturers and interior designers, alike, are using more bamboo in their products. What was once used as a traditional art form as well as an energizing force in Japanese and other Asian cultures now makes an elegant style statement of both functionality and reliability. These characteristics lend to bamboo's revival as a home decorator item.

Interior designers who see the appeal of natural bamboo use it more and more as a window covering. Partly because of its eco-friendly properties, bamboo is an ideal solution as a shade because it adds both an ethic ambience and charm to an interior space. In fact, the versatile natural product can compliment the interior furniture of a room or blend with any decor. Bamboo Shades have a flair and grace that may look delicate, but are very durable.

Because they are natural, beautiful and easy to design around, designers create a more chic, exotic and natural look to a room by layering Bamboo Shades under silk curtains. Thanks to the numerous varieties, shades, colors and textures of Bamboo Shades, they serve as an elegant, stylish way to keep out the light, providing a relaxed and cool look to any room.

Plus, you can change the look of your room from exotic to casual just by changing to a different type of bamboo blind. For more about Bamboo Shades, browse Payless Decor'sWeb site.

The Hidden Benefits of Bamboo Shades

Even though bamboo is a grass, it's one of the most durable materials in nature. That's why many manufacturers create furniture, window treatments and other highly used household items out of bamboo. Because it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, it is often used for these items rather than the traditional wood materials that are harvested from hardwood forests. It take decades for hardwood forests to mature while a bamboo farm can harvest shoots every three to five years.

Because using bamboo is more eco-friendly, designers around the world are using bamboo to function in many design situations. But there are more benefits to bamboo than meets the eye. We here at Payless Decor, have based an entire line of Bamboo Shades on these beneficial properties. If you think that bamboo belongs only outdoors, think again. Bamboo is making a resurgence in American design as people are re-discovering the exotic look, durability, and eco-friendly attributes. There is also an added element of luck that you may not have considered.

What is bamboo? Bamboo is a very durable material that is rapidly being rediscovered and adopted around the world for its appealing aesthetic and industrial strength. In fact, certain species of bamboo possess a tensile strength (or resistance to lengthwise stretching) that's stronger than steel.

What's the fuss about bamboo? Bamboo, although frequently thought of as a tree, is actually a grass and one of the fastest growing plants on earth. A bamboo plant can mature to harvest in as little as a year, easily outpacing a tree which can take decades to produce an equivalent amount of material. The continued adoption of bamboo conserves temperate and tropical forests, encourages a healthier agricultural system and fosters a more sustainable way of life.

Bamboo is a more socially conscious choice for window coverings than traditional wood blinds. By harvesting bamboo instead of cutting trees for hardwood, we do not diminish hardwood forests that have taken decades to mature, and we help to preserve the habitat of our often-endangered wildlife. Bamboo produces new shoots each year and individual stems are harvested from controlled farms every three to five years. If bamboo is not harvested after five years it falls over, unable to continue growing. Harvesting bamboo is the environmentally friendly way to provide a strong and durable material that also looks fantastic in your home.

Why is bamboo popular in Feng Shui? In Asia and the Pacific Rim where bamboo has been used for hundreds of years, this versatile material is used in everything from food to furniture, from building supplies to decorative accents. Indoor bamboo plants, or "lucky bamboo" are a particular favorite of Feng Shui practitioners and interior designers. Feng Shui is the ancient Asian art of improving the flow of energy, or "chi," through careful placement of specific items in the home or office. For thousands of years, practitioners of Feng Shui have achieved harmony with nature and their surroundings.

What makes bamboo so lucky? In Chinese, the word for "prayer" and "bamboo" sound alike, and some believe that a bamboo plant increases the power of prayer. By adding Bamboo Shades to your home, you can achieve the powers and energizing effects of adding bamboo to your home without the hassle of caring for a live plant.

The durability of bamboo and it's ability to withstand many weather conditions makes it a perfect choice for blinds. In fact specially treated Bamboo Shades can withstand harsh sunlight over an extended period of time. Its light control benefits allow the sunlight to peer through your windows all day long while giving you a clear view of what's happening outside. With a brighter room also comes privacy. The innate properties of bamboo allow you to see out without having others see in.

Bamboo can hold up to many weather conditions, leading furniture manufacturers to use bamboo in making sofas, chairs, and tables for both indoor and outdoor use. Similarly, Bamboo Shades are ideal to dress up your windows. If you're looking for a chic look, try layering Bamboo Shades under silk curtains for a classy and exotic contrast. You've probably noticed Bamboo Shades at high-end hotels and resorts, offices, restaurants and clubs. It's no coincidence, as professional designers have embraced the bamboo resurgence en-masse; realizing the appeal and durability of natural bamboo. Forward-thinking designers around the world are working with environmentally intelligent materials to create smart products that are beautiful in design, functional in application, and responsible in environmental impact – making bamboo an ideal solution.

In short, adding Bamboo Shades to your home décor will update the look of your home and add an element of luck, without you having to hire an expensive Feng Shui consultant. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that you've chosen the most earth friendly material with which to cover your windows.

What are Bamboo Shades?

Made up of bamboo stems cut into sticks and mounted horizontally, Bamboo Shades come in a variety of sizes, colors, stains and patterns. You'll find both roll-up style Bamboo Shades and folding-style Bamboo Shades add a warm texture and depth to any room.Naturally elegant and contemporary in appearance, bamboo shades add an exotic, chic look, especially when layered under a soft set of curtains. A variety of color combinations in your Bamboo Shades choices compliment any décor.

Perhaps the ultimate reason for choosing Bamboo Shades is because it dresses up your home in various shades of wood-all at a very inexpensive price. To get details on how your home can benefit from the beauty of Bamboo Shades, explore the Payless Decor Web site.

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The following linked-article offers another interesting benefit. Evidently bamboo can be burned at very high termeratures and transform into an excellent room de-oderizor! Of course make sure that if you were to do this that you remove any stains or sealants that could be harmful at high temperatures.

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