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"Downton Abbey" inspires homeowners to go historical
By Seth
2/11/2014 12:34:00 PM  

If you're in the market for new window treatments and you don't know where to begin, you might want to take a look at some of the hottest trends in interior design. Whether you're interested in drapes, blinds, shades or shutters, scoping out new styles can give your home a fresh look.

One trend that's taking the interior design world by storm is historical patterns, according to Lake Michigan Shore magazine. If it seems a little far-fetched, don't rule it out just yet - this style has primarily become popular thanks to the hit PBS television show, "Downton Abbey." The fictional program, which is set at the turn of the 19th century, mainly takes place on a Yorkshire country estate owned by the Crawley family.

"The rooms and furnishings are beautiful, and I'm sure it's part of the reasons that some viewers are attracted to tune in," Cecilia Zubler, center director for the Barker Mansion in Michigan City, Indiana, told the news source. "As someone who has also had to work with interior design firms to recreate and restore the history presented in room decor, I can appreciate the precision and resulting beauty."

More experts are saying that the show is influencing what homeowners are looking for as they redesign their living spaces. Sarah Cole, marketing director for Farrow & Ball, states that intricate one-of-a-kind patterns are all the rage.

Achieving a historical look
Just because your home was constructed in the 20th century doesn't mean that you can't harken back to a different time period through your interior design. There are many ways that you can incorporate this style into your rooms, and doing so can bring more character to your home.

One easy strategy you can use is to apply curtains or drapes to your windows with detailed patterns. As seen on "Downton Abbey," this type of decor can instantly make a space more eye-pleasing and elegant. Check out our many designer curtain options here:

Another way you can add character and a sense of age to your interiors is by bringing in vintage items, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Visit yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores to find antiques that can add visual interest to your rooms. By taking these few tips into account and some of the hottest interior design styles, you can create a living space that you'll love to show off. Our distressed blinds can add a warm, antique look.

Parisian Pleat Honey Silk Curtain
(as seen with Parisian Pleat, honey silk curtains and roman shades)

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Installing your bamboo shades is easy!
By Seth
11/25/2013 2:38:00 PM  
Watch Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality Blog install our bamboo shades in just a couple minutes. You can do it too!

Check out our 100s of bamboo patterns here. We have some great deals running right now!

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Tips for redesigning your bathroom
By Seth
10/28/2013 5:13:00 PM  

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home for you and your guests alike. If you're considering redoing your bathroom, these tips can help you make your bathroom - and your home - like an entirely new place. 

Let in the light
Utilizing natural light in your bathroom can make it feel like a fresh and bright space, which is a good way to make your bathroom feel inviting. MSN noted that when it comes to master bathrooms, getting as much sun as possible is all the rage, whether it's adding a new window or even a skylight. One easy way to get your bathroom to feel brighter is to change the window treatments that you're using - consider using faux wood blinds or faux wood shutters that will give you the perfect balance of sun and privacy in your bathroom.

Try to make space in your bathroom
Even in small bathrooms, you can make plenty of space. This will make you and your guests' experiences more relaxing in the bathroom. Try to free up as much floor space as possible by eliminating unnecessary items like towel racks. Many pieces of furniture in the bathroom can easily be replaced by hanging wall-mounted items.

Change your bathing experience
One of the biggest trends in contemporary bathroom design is to overhaul your entire shower or bath, noted HGTV. Instead of a standard shower, consider installing one that uses steam jets. This can change your bathroom into a spa-like experience that will leave you feeling refreshed every time you step out of the shower. With new technologies available, these changes are much more affordable than they once were.

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Drapery to Bamboo Switcheroo
By Seth
5/28/2013 11:18:00 AM  
Check out Alison's neat entry outlining her big switch from Drapery to Bamboo at her crafty weeks blog. She has a neat etsy shop too!

Before with curtains

After Bamboo Roman Blinds

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Tonight's twitter party - win one of 4 $50 gift cards
By seth
4/18/2013 1:16:00 PM  
Save the date! Thursday night at 9 pm EST, our DIY experts will be hosting a Payless Decor Twitter party. Southern Hospitality,View Along the Way and SAS Interiors will be talking about eco-friendly ways to make your home beautiful. They will be giving away FOUR Payless Decor gift cards! Jump in at 9 pm with the hashtag #PaylessSpring for some fun conversation!

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Shut The Front Door Giveaway
By Seth
10/17/2012 9:30:00 AM  
We are thrilled to be a part of what we think is the biggest and best giveaway on the Internet! 16 awesome DIYers including a couple customers and partners of ours such as Makely Home's, Lindsay and Rhoday from Southern Hospitality.

Each entry has a chance to win a variety of prize packs all in the $1500 range (and ours being $1600, with a $500 gift certificate from us, Payless Decor).

To enter, just go here to get all the details:

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Two or More Blinds in a Single Window Opening
By Seth
8/6/2012 8:56:00 AM  
As you measure your windows, you may find a window opening or two that are very large widths. In some cases it may be a picture window or an opening that has multiple windows within that opening. There are a few different options worth considering that have their respective positives and negatives.
3 blinds in a single window
Option 1: A single blind or shade 
Payless Decor blinds and shades have maximum widths that can be six, seven, or eight feet or longer, and thus can cover many large openings. One thing to consider is the weight of the window treatment and how much you are going to  want to open/close it. Faux Wood blinds, for instance, can be very heavy and a single blind of a large width may be somewhat difficult to lift. Many of our shades in very large widths have the option to add a continuous cord or clutch lift mechanism, which can make lifting and lowering a large shade far easier than a standard cord system.  Of course in the case where you have multiple windows in a large window, you won't have the opportunity to have the blinds at various lengths, but at the same time you only have to open/close you window covering once. 

Option 2: Multiple blinds or shades on a single headrail
Many of our window coverings can be ordered with a single headrail that contains 2 or 3 treatements on it. This can be a terrific solution for a single opening that has multiple windows because it adds the flexibility of having your coverings open at different amounts, but you also have a consistent look at the top of your window, with a single valance and/or headrail depending on the type of treatment. When you are evaluating for this option, make sure the headrail can be installed properly and has a flat surface to mount. Another benefit is that having multiple, smaller, lighter blinds will make it easier to open and close. When ordering a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 window treatment, we automatically make each blind even in width. However, it can be quite common on a 3-on-1 headrail to have a large center opening, and smaller side openings. If you require different widths, simply place your order and contact us here or via the 'contact us' form on the top of the page to let us know the various widths you need with the order number you receive once your order is placed. 

Option 3: Purchasing multiple blind or shade separately 
When you order multipe blinds or shades separately, each will come with an individual headrail, and valance (if the window treatment selected comes with a valance). Each blind or shade will come with its own deductions. To be certain that your window treatments will fit on an inside mount simply make sure the total width of the shades you order equals the total width of the opening and that each shade is ordered as 'inside mount'. On an outside mount, please note that there are some window treatments where the valance comes larger than the width ordered, horizontal wood blinds, for example. In these cases you may want to contact us and tell us about your particular situation so that we can ensure the blinds you receive fit exactly as you want. 

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Customer involvement
By Seth
12/1/2011 9:09:00 AM  
We are always trying to improve our products & level of service.I just wanted to point out a few things we are doing right now to involve our customers. Most of these types of activities we do through our facebook page, so 'like' us at if you want to get updates every once in a while.

So here are a few of the things we are doing, and if you have a blog or have a suggestion feel free to provide is with a different idea:
  • Product testing -- Want 2 test our new Cordless Solar Shades- & blog a review about them? We'll give u 1or2 free. Just reply w/yr blog

  • Beautiful results -- Budding photographer's: If you bought a product from us and think it just looks delightful in your home, snap a pic and post it here. Some of them we'll use for our site and if so, we'll give you $10 or a $10 credit! (We'd rather have real-life applications of our products vs. the staged shots which sometimes can be a bit antiseptic.

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Cordless Blinds and Cordless Shades for Children's rooms
By Seth
8/31/2011 10:38:00 PM  
In recent years the window treatment industry has been under scrutiny due to child safety concerns. I would suggest that the industry has responded strongly by developing innovative products without cords that are functional without sacrificing form. As a parent myself I would highly recommend taking a look at some of our cordless blinds and shades for your child's room(s) or windows that are easily accessable. While safety is a major concern, cordless blinds offer other benefits - they are quite simple to lift and lower and you don't clutter the space around your windows with unsightly cords.

My wife and I recently put a set of blackout cordless cellular shades in my 3-year-old daughter's room. They are wonderful insulators, and the blackout characteristics ensure our little rooster doesn't start cackling at first morning light.  My daughter likes the crinkles and that she can lift them herself. We also just launched a new smooth-lift solar shade that I am considering putting in our family room. The shade cuts-down the sun, looks fantastic and has an easy, smooth lift mechanism. There are plenty of other excellent options, cordless roman shades and even cordless mini blinds.

Just a few years ago cordless blinds were either not yet available or cost an arm and a leg. However, in current day, many of our products have a cordless upgrade option, and generally it is only a nominal upgrade fee, or no upgrade fee at all.

Please let us know if we can help you find the perfect cordless window treatment option for you and your family!

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Why do Blind Companies offer Free Shipping - then charge for 'Handling'
By Seth
9/7/2010 12:23:00 PM  
A business practice within our industry that gets on my nerves is our competitors offering blind with Free Shipping, but then once you get to the cart, they charging a handling charge. What the heck is this ‘charge’? When you go to the website of the biggest online window treatments retailer and are about to purchase you blinds you will see there is an Order Processing Charge of $4.95. In effect this allows them to pass on an additional charge to the customer for no good reason - and by the time the customer sees it, she has already made up her mind on the purchase, and likely just “accepts it”. But just because a customer accepts it does not make this practice acceptable.

May I suggest that rather than handling charge it should be called a “we-would-like-you to-pay-more, but-did-not-want-to-disclose-this-until-now-charge”.


Don’t misunderstand me, I am all for companies charging whatever they want. Profits enable growth, new jobs and all the wonderful things that the US stands for, but don't bury those charges by using semantics.

Check out most of our major competitors, they all seem to do it. And then they seem to explain it in an innocuous way so that the customer doesn't realize she is essentially being hornswoggled. On one site, I even see this the explanation tugging on the customer’s heartstrings, “fuel prices in the industry have gone up, but we only pass on a tiny bit of this causing the need for this handling fee”.


Oh, so you didn't just think of raising the prices of your product, which is what most other industries do when costs go up? Instead, you create some ridiculous little fee that you don't present until the customer’s credit card is on the table


Payless Décor Blinds offers Free Shipping and does not insult your intelligence by then offering a Handling Charge or Order Processing fee.  Sometimes for oversize blinds we get charged quite a lot by Fedex to ship them, but we not only include this in the price, we also make the charges transparent on our ‘free shipping explanation page’.


The next time you see a $4.95 shipping fee at a website that touts 'Free Shipping' in big letters on their homepage, I recommend you contact the company and say, “Sorry I was going to purchase from you, but now I am going to take my business elsewhere to a company that actually discloses their prices.” I’ll bet you that company will offer to waive the fee, but that’s when you should say “sorry, too late.”


A vote with your dollars is the best way to drive change.

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