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Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds are the perfect, stylish solution for your sliding glass or patio doors. The blinds and window treatments are custom-made to your specifications.

The majority of our vertical blinds are constructed from sturdy PVC materials, but we also offer a Jakarta line that is constructed of a softer fabric. Our blind tracks are cast from anodized aluminum that ensures the quality of the window treatments. The tracks can be configured for a one-way draw, split draw, center stack or opposite stack to suit personal preference. The direct drive control unit has a large sprocket wheel to provide a smooth and responsive operation. You have almost unlimited flexibility when designing your room with yet another option of purchasing a single or double valance.

Vertical blinds are much more than a problem-solver - they offer a neat, streamlined appearance that is well-suited for narrower windows or doorways due to their height-conscious design. They can also serve as a sophisticated substitute for draperies in any home or office room. The sturdy PVC material and white exterior of vertical window treatments can even reflect harsh sunrays to save your furniture and electricity bills.

Vertical Window Blinds - Payless Decor
Payless Decor Standard Vertical Blinds

Standard Vertical Blinds

Starting from: $36.63$61.05

Our least expensive Vertical Blinds option is affordable and functional.

Payless Decor Regal Fabric Vertical  Blinds

Regal Fabric Vertical Blinds

Starting from: $52.62$87.70

Perfect accessory to a sliding glass door with more unique look and feel than a standard vertical blind.

Payless Decor Regal Faux Wood - Vertical Blinds

Regal Faux Wood - Vertical Blinds

Starting from: $58.37$97.29

Faux wood vertical blinds provide a gorgeous 'wood-look' without charging 'wood prices'!

Payless Decor Regal Sheer Fabric Verticals

Regal Sheer Fabric Verticals

Starting from: $95.80$159.67

Gorgeous sheer fabrics add softness and warmth

Payless Decor Regal Textured Vertical Blinds

Regal Textured Vertical Blinds

Starting from: $92.48$154.13

All NEW: Vertical blinds with unique textures will set your room apart from the ordicnary.

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